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County Prediction Competition

This is the first ever Crown Competition and we hope it goes well.
You will be competing against eachother as well as Kevin and Ron Burgundy

Results: This competition is complete. No one could top Ron Burgundy for the first ever prediction competition. Burgundy accumulated 48 points using the scoring system of 3 points for a correct 1st place prediction and 2.01 points for a correct 2nd place prediction. Burgundy correctly predicted 1st for 10 events and correctly predicted 2nd for 9 events. Participant Superman placed 2nd in this competition with 45 points and 9 correct 1st place girls predictions, and WJ2Miler placed third with 36 points and 8 correct 1st place boys predictions. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Premise: Correctly predict as many top individual finishers as possible for the indoor Montgomery County Championship

Scoring: 3 points will be awarded for every individual county champion that you predict. If you correctly predict the county champion, you will also recieve 2.01 bonus points if you correctly pick the runner up. You will not recieve any points unless you correctly predict 1st place.
If there is a tie at the end of the scoring, the tie breaker will be who correctly picks the county championship team in the gender that you have predicted. Second tie breaker will go to who correctly predicts the team champion of the opposite predicted gender. If there is still a tie, then all top teams will recieve the maximum number of crowns.

Your Predictions: You may predict either boys or girls (but not both). Both will be scored the same way and will be eligible to win. We recommend submitting predictions for top 3 individuals in each event, although submissions with less predictions will still be eligible. If one of your predicted athletes does not participate in that event, we will automatically bump up your next predicted athlete without penalty (ex. Athlete A doesn't show up. Athlete B will automatically become the new Athlete A and Athlete C becomes the new Athlete B without penalty). You may not submit more than top 3 in each event. Remember to submit your team title predictions for tie breakers.

Submissions: Email your predictions to us at with the subject line "County Predictions". Please include a fake name for the crown leaderboard. We may describe how well the winner did, but all of your personal information will remain private.

Submission Deadline: Deadline has been extended. All submissions must be recieved before 11:59pm Sunday night. No exceptions.

Prizes: Winner will recieve 1 crown, 2nd place will recieve 1/2 crown, and 3rd place will recieve 1/4 crown.

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