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Richard Montgomery vs. Gaithersburg Prediction

Premise: A large majority of the MoCoRunning audience was very excited for the head to head battle for the Division I boys title between Gaithersburg and Richard Montgomery High Schools. We held a prediction competition to see who could most accuratley guess the final score.

Results: The actual final score was RM 75 - GB 71. Predicted scores were all over the place, but participant One800runforfun had the closest prediction to the final score. This participant guessed a score of RM 76 - GB 70, a net deviation of 2 points from the actual score. Competitor Booth recieves a bonus half crown. Booth forgot to guess the final score, but he did predict a very close meet that would come down to the pole vault competition. He also predicted that Richard Montgomery's lone pole vaulter would win the meet for them in the event that it did come down to pole vault. For accurately predicting the way that the meet unfolded, he gets a half crown.

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