Einstein @ Northwood Dual Recap
By: Ileka Ifejika
Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Coming into the track meet, the Northwood Gladiators were coming off a 2-0 record as the Einstein Titans were coming off an 0-3 record. The meet starts off with the 100 meter hurdles which was taken by Einstein to give them an early lead on the girls' side. On the boys side the 110 hurdles was won by Northwood's own Jayson Carson.

Then followed both the girls and boys 3200 meter relay which the Einstein girls took as well due to the absence of Northwood's 4 by 800 meter team. However, on the boys side it was different. The race began with Einstein leadoff Sebi Devlin-Foltz and Northwood's surprising lead-off Derrick Powell going back and forward. It wasn't until there was 200 meters left to go in the race until Powell used his finish kick to give the Gladiators a lead with a 2:06 split. Devlin-Foltz came in shortly after in 2:08. From then on the race was one-sided in favor of Northwood with them finishing in 9:01 and Einstein in 9:11.

The meet continued with the boys and girls 100 meter dash. The girls side was easily won by Northwood's Le'Quisha Parker running a 12.6. Alex Bazzie took home the boys 100 running 11.3.

The Northwood girls then began to pull away from Einstein by winning the 400, the 4 by 200, and the 200. However, Einstein fought back by winning the 1600, the 3200, the 800, the 4 by 100, and the 4 by 400.

On the boys side Giovanni Reumante of Northwood helped to increase the lead of Northwood by winning both the 1600 in 4:46 and the 800 in 2:04. However, Einstein also took home wins in the 400 in 53.4 and the 200 in 23.8 by Joseph Kelly which brought the two teams into a somewhat even match up. With victories in the 300 meter hurdles and 4 by 400, Northwood was in the lead.

Field events were also factors in this meet as on the girls side Einstein took home the long jump. However on the boys side, Keenan Woods took home the triple jump in 41 feet and tied for first place with Richard Cadet in the High Jump with a jump of 5 feet 10 inches.

As a result the Einstein girls defeated Northwood by a close margin of 10 points. The Northwood boys defeated Einstein by about 30 points.


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