Wayne Bartholomew Interview
By: Kevin Milsted
Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wayne Bartholomew of Quince Orchard High School is picking up speed as he enters the final stretch of his high school running career. He recently won the indoor regional and state titles in the 500 and the 800. His 800-meter time of 1:55.98 was a Maryland indoor state meet record. He also ran a leg on the outdoor state record holding 4x800-meter relay team in 2008. In this interview, he explains his progression this indoor season right up through his most recent mile win at the Cougar Relays. He also talks about his favorite memory from last year and what he hopes to do in the future at La Salle University.

MoCoRunning: This indoor season, it looked like you were constantly in a state of shock with your own ability. Now that you are a few weeks removed from indoor track, describe what it was like as you dropped time in every race towards the end of the season and eventually set the indoor state record in the 800.

Bartholomew: It felt pretty good. I was only doing what my coaches told me. It seemed like everytime I won a race a fast time came along with it.

MoCoRunning: After the state meet, you traveled up to Boston for Nike Indoor Nationals to run the 800. You won your heat, but you didn't run your best time. Describe how that race unfolded. What did you take away from that experience?

Bartholomew: Well my goal was to run a 1:53 but that didn't turn out too well. At first it started off pretty well but it felt kind of slow. I didn't want to take the lead early because I was told by my coach to just sit on them and kick. Because there was no time running on the board, it was kind of hard for me to know exactly where I was, which led to me rolling the 200's at a slow time. I pretty much learned that you just have to go based on how you feel with the pace.

MoCoRunning: What is your training like during indoor track season?

Bartholomew: It was similar to the past year. Endurance in the beginning and speed at the end of the season. I'd say that it dropped to about 20 miles a week. We focused mostly on turnovers.

MoCoRunning: Montgomery County fans voted you as the favorite to win the 400 and 800 at the county championship. Does your training or mentality change being the guy with a target on your back in Montgomery County, and probably in the whole state of Maryland?

Bartholomew: Not really. I have no reason to be worried. I'm just having fun with all of this, and I love the competition. If someone beats me then that's cool because it happens, and you can't win everything. But I'm definitely looking forward to the competition and to see what times I can turn out.

MoCoRunning: After focusing mostly on the 500 and 800 indoors, you opened up the outdoor season with a win in the Cougar Relays mile. Do you expect to be more of a miler this season?

Bartholomew: Maybe earlier in the season but I'll most likely go back to my regular events as counties approach. But it all depends on what the coaches want me to run.

MoCoRunning: How might your training change this outdoor season as opposed to indoor season?

Bartholomew: I'll probably start practicing with the sprinters a little bit more as the season goes on, but other than that nothing will really change.

MoCoRunning: What is your favorite workout?

Bartholomew: My favorite workout would probably be fartleks. I dont know why but I just have alot of fun doing them.

MoCoRunning: What have been your top two or three most memorable moments competing for QO so far in your high school career?

Bartholomew: Winning the 4x800 at outdoor States last year, and the 800 this year. But I have alot of memorable moments from last year.

MoCoRunning: In that 4x8 at states against Eleanor Roosevelt, what do you remember thinking or feeling during that race as you were running and as you were watching your teammates run?

Bartholomew: Well when I was running, all I thought about was just styaing in the front and extending the lead. When I watched them run I kept saying to myself that I know that got it.

MoCoRunning: What attracted you to La Salle? What do you want to major in? What events do you hope to run there?

Bartholomew: I guess just the whole atmosphere of it. I like the fact that it's small and the guys and the coaches there are great. I'm going to major in forensic accounting. For indoor I'll probably run the 500 and 800 and maybe the 4x400, but I hope to run the 1,000 also.

MoCoRunning: Do you like to follow higher level track and field? Do you have a favorite college or pro track athlete?

Bartholomew: Well I try to haha, but I just find things out through my coach. Jeremy Wariner is probably my favorite pro athlete due to the fact that he is a great 400 runner and he isnt that big, so it gives me some haope. Hopefully I get taller, hahaha.

MoCoRunning: Did you play any sports when you were younger before you joined QO track/xc? What do you like to do outside of track now?

Bartholomew: I played soccer in elementary school and middle school, and I played basketball in school, but I didn't make the team. I like to just hang around and play XBOX or watch movies when I get the chance.

MoCoRunning: Who have been your favorite Montgomery County athletes to race against or watch race? Why?

Bartholomew: Hmm.. well I like racing Antonio because it's always fun, win or lose, but I pretty much like watching everyone race.


Ibrahim Raheem
Wednesday, April 08, 2009
08:08:45 PM
Great work Wayne. Keep working hard in track and life and you'll experince nothing but success.

Thursday, April 09, 2009
09:53:15 AM
Love ya Wayne!! Keep up the great work and good luck :)

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