Poll Results - Girls Teams
By: Kevin Milsted
Thursday, September 02, 2010 conducted an open online poll between August 14 and August 29 for anyone to rank their top teams in the county. 45 valid girls team votes were collected and tabulated to form the ranking you see below.

1. Northwest - 4A West
Poll Points: 408
2009 County Finish: 2nd
2009 State Finish: 5th

The Northwest girls have won five out of the last seven county titles. They return another strong team this year with four out of their top six from last year's team that placed second at the county championship and fifth at the state championship. Northwest received 27 out of 45 first place votes in this poll.

Tie Breaker: The tie breaker question asked the voters to predict the winning score at the county championship meet regardless of who they thought would win. The average answer for the girls was 57.2 points. Last year the winning score was 62.

2. Walter Johnson - 4A West
Poll Points: 388
2009 County Finish: 1st
2009 State Finish: 3rd

The defending county champions graduated two of their top five runners, but return deadly duo Anna Bosse and Camille Bouvet. In a preseason time trial, the 3-4-5 pack exceeded Coach Martin's expectations and finished only a minute behind the top two. Walter Johnson received 15 out of 45 first place votes in this poll.

3. Whitman - 4A West
Poll Points: 271
2009 County Finish: 4th
2009 State Finish: 10th

The return of Alexandra Phillips strengthens Whitman. The #3-7 runners will form a nice, deep pack that few teams can compete with.

4. B-CC - 4A West
Poll Points: 223
2009 County Finish: 9th
2009 State Finish: 15th

Only ninth in the county last year, B-CC returns six of its top seven runners including Ava Farrell who dropped to 11:38 in the 3200 during track.

5. Wootton - 4A West
Poll Points: 222
2009 County Finish: 3rd
2009 State Finish: 4th

Wootton graduated a great senior class including four of their top seven runners, but it is nothing that every school doesn't deal with. They are still a state-caliber team.

6. Churchill - 4A West
Poll Points: 164
2009 County Finish: 6th
2009 State Finish: 7th

Churchill graduated four of its top five runners from last year. They must find new talent among a typically large team.

7. Damascus - 3A West
Poll Points: 148
2009 County Finish: 5th
2009 State Finish: 6th

Damascus only graduates one runner from a strong team last year. The tight pack team of last year will surely move up this season.

8. Quince Orchard - 3A West
Poll Points: 142
2009 County Finish: 7th
2009 State Finish: 5th

Quince Orchard will have a strong pack of three leading the way. They look about as good as any other team in the 3A West Region.

9. Sherwood - 4A West
Poll Points: 136
2009 County Finish: 8th
2009 State Finish: 14th

When I visited Sherwood in the preseason, the small size of the girls' team was concerning, but the runners that they have can get the job done.

10. Clarksburg - 3A West
Poll Points: 120
2009 County Finish: 10th
2009 State Finish: 10th

10th. 10th. 10th. Sure. Why not? Nick Caretti taught me everything I know.


Friday, September 03, 2010
02:07:14 AM
what does the comment for chs mean?

Friday, September 03, 2010
09:01:13 AM
it means he doesnt know anything about clarksburg

Friday, September 03, 2010
12:57:04 PM
It means that Nick Caretti was his teacher and coach when he was in high school.

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