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By: Kevin Milsted
Sunday, September 04, 2011 conducted an open online poll between August 28 and September 2 for anyone to rank their top ten athletes in the county. 49 valid girls individual votes were collected and tabulated to form the ranking you see below.

10. Madeline Rico - Wootton 2012

Poll Points: 82
2010 County Finish: 8
2010 4A West Region Finish: 14
2010 4A State Finish: 35

Rico has improved consistently throughout her high school career with this spring being no exception. She dropped her track times to 5:24.14 and 11:41.75.

9. Caroline Elmendorf - Whitman 2013

Poll Points: 90
2010 County Finish: 11
2010 4A West Region Finish: 12
2010 4A State Finish: 21

Elmendorf's improvement in her sophomore year was key to Whitman's sweep of the county, regional, and state titles. She dropped her track times to 5:27.46 and 11:59 in the spring.

8. Elena De La Paz - Richard Montgomery 2012

Poll Points: 155
2010 County Finish: 12
2010 4A West Region Finish: 15
2010 4A State Finish: 37

After her first year of cross country, De La Paz dropped her track times to 2:24.72, 5:23.77, and 11:48.82. She was fourth in the 1600 at the outdoor county championship.

7. Morgana D'Ottavi - Montgomery Blair 2014

Poll Points: 156
2010 County Finish: 6
2010 4A West Region Finish: 8
2010 4A State Finish: 10

D'Ottavi finished 10th at the state meet all by herself last year. Blair would like to qualify the whole team for states this year. D'Ottavi ran 5:31.49 and 12:08.45 on the track.

6. Caroline Guiot - Whitman 2012

Poll Points: 161
2010 County Finish: 9
2010 4A West Region Finish: 7
2010 4A State Finish: 8

After essentially missing her sophomore year, Guiot was a tough competitor as a junior. She was one of three Whitman girls to qualify for the outdoor state championship when she ran a personal best 11:28.14. She finished fourth at the state championship meet ahead of Ryba and Phillips.

5. Grace Corbett - Wootton 2012

Poll Points: 227
2010 County Finish: DNR
2010 4A West Region Finish: DNR
2010 4A State Finish: DNR

Corbett decided to run cross country for the first time this fall. Track fans know she will be competitive on the cross country course with PR's of 2:16.72 and 5:04.60, by far the fastest times of any county girl running cross country this year. She was the state runner up in the 1600 in the spring.

4. Abbey Daley - Clarksburg 2013

Poll Points: 317
2010 County Finish: 3
2010 3A West Region Finish: 1
2010 3A State Finish: 2

Daley struggled with injuries during the outdoor track season, but not before winning indoor track state titles in the 1600 and 3200. She ran 11:34.44 indoors and 5:14.19 outdoors.

3. Ava Farrell - B-CC 2012

Poll Points: 356
2010 County Finish: 5
2010 4A West Region Finish: 6
2010 4A State Finish: 9

Farrell showed some speed at the outdoor county championship where she ran big personal bests of 2:25.08 and 5:14.76. She qualified for the state meet in the 3200 with a personal best time of 11:28.61 and finished third at the state meet.

2. Alexandra Phillips - Whitman 2012

Poll Points: 370
2010 County Finish: 2
2010 4A West Region Finish: 4
2010 4A State Finish: 5

Phillips returned to Whitman's team after a year abroad to finish in the top five in the county, region, and state. On the track she ran 5:24.23 indoors and 11:27.59 outdoors. Only Ryba has a faster 3200m time among Moco returners.

1. Anna Ryba - Whitman 2012

Poll Points: 475
2010 County Finish: 1
2010 4A West Region Finish: 1
2010 4A State Finish: 1

Ryba was simply dominant at the end of last cross country season. The average margin of victory was 21 seconds as she swept county, region, and state titles. Her 5k PR of 18:27.16 is 27 seconds better than any other returning girl and her 3200m PR of 11:15.64 is 13 seconds faster than any other returning girl.

Tie Breaker: The tie breaker question asked the voters to predict the winning time at the county championship meet regardless of who they thought would win. The average answer for the girls was 18:28.58. There will be a new county course this year.


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