B-CC vs. Whitman Dual Recap
By: Kevin Milsted
Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The B-CC girls traveled to Whitman prepared to compete, eager for their chance to take on the defending state champions. Despite unexpected contributions by two B-CC freshmen, the Whitman girls outran B-CC up front, sweeping the top three spots to guarantee victory.

Anna Ryba pushed the pace from the start. A pack of six girls formed almost immediately - two from B-CC and four from Whitman. Whitman's number five runner, Elizabeth Frank tried to maintain contact with the pack, but ran much of the first half in no man's land. B-CC's veterans chased Frank early on to try to keep the race close.

On the second loop of the three-loop campus course, two B-CC freshmen, Kat McNeill and Nora McUmber, stepped up and moved past Frank. Unfortunately, while B-CC's freshmen pulled the race much closer than it was in the first mile, B-CC's top runner Ava Farrell hurt one of her feet. Farrell continued running in pain, but faded badly. Laura Nakasaka lost contact with Whitman's top three runners in the final mile, allowing Whitman to guarantee victory with a top-3 sweep.

Nakasaka finished fourth overall followed by Caroline Elmendorf of Whitman and the two B-CC Mcfreshmen, McNeill and McUmber. Farrell finished with a hard kick to beat out Frank. Farrell is going to have her injured foot looked at in the near future.

Caroline Guiot put the pressure on Anna Ryba down the final stretch and came up just a second shy of getting the win. The great improvement of Guiot in the first few races this season makes one wonder if it won't be long before she outkicks Ryba in a big race.

Whitman heads to the Oatlands Invitational this weekend for the biggest test of the season so far. They will compete against many of the best teams in Virginia and Maryland. Runners can bet that the Oatlands creek-crossing will be up to their waists after all of last week's rain.

The boys matchup between Whitman and B-CC was not nearly as dramatic as that of the girls. Nick Adams of Whitman ran alone out front, enduring cheers of encouragement from Whitman football players, while B-CC's Peter Horton and Nick McGreivy maintained second and third position for the entirety of the race.

At one point about midway through the race, Whitman held positions 4 through 10, but Nolan Ebner of B-CC worked his way up in the final mile to break up that pack. It was a fairly dominant victory for Whitman, but B-CC was missing two of its top four runners due to injury.


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