Bull Run Favorites
By: Kevin Milsted
Friday, September 23, 2011

Votes were still flying in at 9:00 PM on the eve of the 2011 Bull Run Invitational. Voting will not close until about 6:00 AM on race day, but with 77 votes collected, the votes were tallied to determine the meet favorites. This poll was open for four days leading up to the 2011 Bull Run Invitational. On the line was 14 autographed #CentroNation t-shirts to the top voters. People from all over the state voted in hopes of winning one of the prizes.

Below you will see the team and individual favorites for each of the eight major races at the Bull Run Invitational. Voters did not select individuals, but were required to vote for the team that the winning individual would come from. Below that you will see my votes (Mocorunning's picks). I'm trying to win the contest like everyone else, but I'm not going to take a shirt away from anyone.

Overall Fan Votes
Team % Individual %
Elite Boys Churchill 33 Chantilly VA 44
Elite Girls Hereford 31 Winters Mill 51
Large Boys Urbana 26 Urbana 38
Large Girls Churchill 23 Churchill 33
Medium Boys Einstein 49 Einstein 40
Medium Girls Lower Merion PA 22 Lower Merion PA 27
Small Boys Gilman 38 Gilman 32
Small Girls Bohemia Manor 23 Loch Raven 20
Mocorunning Picks
Team Individual
Elite Boys Churchill Chantilly VA
Elite Girls Hereford Winters Mill
Large Boys Freedom VA Urbana
Large Girls Broadneck Clarksburg
Medium Boys Einstein Edgewood
Medium Girls Bel Air Damascus
Small Boys Gilman Gilman
Small Girls Bohemia Manor Boonsboro

The tie-breaker question asked fans to predict the fastest boys time of the day.
Range: 14:45:93 to 17:34
Mean: 16:26.1
Median: 16:24.75
Mode: 15:59.00


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