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Journal All-County Indoor Track Team
Originally Published in The Montgomery Journal on Monday, April 12, 2004
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Photographer: Christopher Anderson

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Indoor Track
[2004 All-Journal Indoor Track Team]

The Journal 2003-04 Indoor Track Team. Front row from left: Aharon Conerly (Blake); Bobby Price (Magruder); Bryant England (Seneca Valley); Whitney McFadden (Whitman); Halsey Sinclair (Blair) and Ashlyn Sinclair (Blair). Middle row: Drew Abernethy (Good Counsel); Paul Bridgers (Gaithersburg); Joey Robinson (Gaithersburg); Ryan Janes (Gaithersburg); Ashley Fauntleroy (Paint Branch); Toni Aluko (Paint Branch); Nina Warren (Gaithersburg) and Hilary Moen (Walter Johnson). Back row: Matt Logie (Northwest); Boys Athlete of the Year Andrew Jesien (Walter Johnson); Matt Begley (Sherwood); Andrew Lewis (Sherwood); Boys Coach of the Year Addison Hunt (Landon); Girls Coach of the Year Scott Mathias (Poolesville); Phobay Katu-Akoi (Kennedy); Girls Athlete of the Year Erin Moore (Poolesville); Janelle Thompson (Poolesville) and Katie Rogus (Good Counsel). Staff photo by Christopher Anderson.

The Journal 2003-04 All-County Indoor Track Relay Teams. Front row from left: Andrew Jesien (Walter Johnson); David Simms (Walter Johnson; Ben Fowler (Walter Johnson); Gavin Ware (Walter Johnson); Rachel Unger (Poolesville); Bryann Benton (Poolesville) and Meghan Rose (Poolesville). Middle row: Justin Chow (Churchill), Bobby Lu (Churchill); Walter Morrin (Churchill); David Weinstein (Churchill); Erin Moore (Poolesville); Janelle Thompson (Poolesville) and Ashley Loh (Poolesville). Back row: Kevin Gnatiko (Watkins Mill); Mario Moreno (Watkins Mill); Drew Robinson (Watkins Mill); Daniel Kabwasa (Watkins Mill); Jessica Jenkins (Kennedy); Phobay Katu-Akoi (Kennedy); Asia Nettles (Kennedy) and Verell Simpson (Kennedy).

Boys First Team

Player			School		Year
Andrew Jesien		Walter Johnson	Jr.
Aharon Conerly		Blake		Sr.
Matt Logie		Northwest	Sr.
Drew Abernethy		Good Counsel	So.
Ryan Janes		Gaithersburg	So.
Bobby Price		Magruder	Sr.
Matt Begley		Sherwood	Sr.
Paul Bridgers		Gaithersburg	Sr.
Andrew Lewis		Sherwood	Sr.
Joey Robinson		Gaithersburg	Jr.
Bryant England		Seneca Valley	Jr.

800 Relay: Watkins Mill (Daniel Kabwasa, Mario Moreno, Kevin Gnatiko, Drew Robinson)
1,600 Relay: Churchill (Justin Chow, Bobby Lu, Walter Morris, David Weinstein)
3,200 Relay: Walter Johnson (Ben Fowler, David Simms, Andrew Jesien, Gavin Ware)

Girls First Team

Player			School		Year
Erin Moore		Poolesville	Soph.
Nina Warren		Gaithersburg	Sr.
Phobay Katu-Akoi	Kennedy		Jr.
Ashley Fauntleroy	Paint Branch	Sr.
Whitney McFadden	Whitman		Sr.
Janelle Thompson	Poolesville	Sr.
Halsey Sinclair		Blair		Fr.
Ashlyn Sinclair		Blair		Fr.
Hillary Moen		Walter Johnson	So.
Katie Rogus		Good Counsel	Jr.
Toni Aluko		Paint Branch	Sr.

800 Relay: Kennedy (Phobay Katu-Akoi, Asia Nettles, Verell Simpson, Jessica Jenkins)
1,600 Relay: Poolesville (Bryann Benton, Meghan Rose, Ashley Loh, Erin Moore)
3,200 Relay: Poolesville (Rachel Ungos,Bryann Benton, Janelle Thompson, Erin Moore)

Honorable Mention

Individuals: Darren Brownlee (Northwest, Jr.); Max Ehrmann (Whitman, Sr.); Kevin Gnatiko (Watkins Mill, Jr.); Matt Good (Seneca Valley, Sr.); Bret Ligon (Richard Montgomery, So.); Jeff Lyon (Whitman, Sr.); Mike Martinez (Damascus, Jr.); Stephon McCoy (Sherwood, Sr.); Kurt Oelschlaeger (Sherwood, Sr.); Derek Rasmussen (Northwest, Sr.); Tigue Tozer (Gaithersburg, Sr.); David Weinstein (Churchill, So.); Kimery Williams (Kennedy, Jr.)
Relays: Kennedy 4x200; Churchill 4x200; Whitman 4x200; Walter Johnson 4x400; Richard Montgomery 4x400; Richard Montgomery 4x800; Whitman 4x800.

Individuals: Karen Aherne (Northwest, Sr.); Megan Andrews (B-CC, So.); Emily Bartlett (B-CC, Jr.); Jessie Blackwell (Rockville, Jr.); Heather Graham (Poolesville, Sr.) Emma Hanson (Damascus, So.); Tinesha Hill (Gaithersburg, Sr.); Katie Miller (Walter Johnson, Jr.); Shrde Nelson (Paint Branch, Jr.); Asia Nettles (Kennedy, So.); Julie Plevin (Whitman, Jr.); Elaina Smith (Gaithersburg, Sr.); Rachel Unger (Poolesville, Jr.); Calice Warlock (Paint Branch, Sr.); Fiona Weeks (Northwest, So.); Erika Zoller (Damascus, Jr.)
Relays: Gaithersburg 4x200; Walter Johnson 4x200; Paint Branch 4x200; Walter Johnson 4x400; Kennedy 4x400; Whitman 4x400; Damascus 4x400; Churchill 4x400; Walter Johnson 4x800; Whitman 4x800.

"Indoor Track." Montgomery Journal, 12 Apr. 2004, pp. 22-23.
Transcribed by: Kevin Milsted 01/20/2020

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