Joseph Kamdem
Seneca Valley
Class of 2018 (Update)
100 Dash ht04/18/2018Poolesville and SV at QO11.75
1600m Run04/05/2017WM, DeMatha at Seneca Valley 06:09.637
200 Dash ht04/18/2017QO, SV at Clarksburg23.80
200 Dash ht04/04/2018Clarksburg, SV at WM24.333
200m Dash03/24/2018Screaming Eagles Invitational24.7215
300m Dash12/26/2017MCPS Meet #339.2826
300m Dash02/03/20182A West Regional39.3116
300m Dash12/05/2017MCPS Meet #139.4114
300m Dash01/13/2018Montgomery Invitational39.4746
400m Dash05/09/2018MCPS Championship52.677
400m Dash04/14/2018Vollmer Invitational52.7111
400m Dash04/21/2018Aziz Ra'oof Invitational52.755
400m Dash05/22/20182A West Regional52.909
400m Dash05/10/2017MCPS Championships52.9115
400m Dash05/17/20173A West Regional53.3312
400m Dash05/06/2017Katie Jenkins Invitational53.677
400m Dash05/05/2018Katie Jenkins Invitational53.788
400m Dash05/19/20163A West Regional54.1713
400m Dash04/04/2018Clarksburg, SV at WM54.191
400m Dash03/24/2018Screaming Eagles Invitational54.3114
400m Dash04/18/2017QO, SV at Clarksburg54.40
400m Dash04/15/2017Largo Lion Invitational57.3832
400m Dash05/14/2016Montgomery Co B Meet57.4026
500m Dash01/30/2018Montgomery Co. Championship01:11.6213
500m Dash02/03/20182A West Regional01:13.6512
500m Dash12/26/2017MCPS Meet #301:14.8714
500m Dash01/05/2018Smithsburg Invitational01:15.7914
500m Dash12/06/2016MCPS Meet #201:16.2926
500m Dash12/29/2015MCPS Meet #301:22.047
500m Dash12/08/2015MCPS Meet #201:23.16
55m Dash12/29/2017Mountain Express Invite7.6527
800m Run04/18/2018Poolesville and SV at QO02:07.01
800m Run04/15/2017Largo Lion Invitational02:11.7312
800m Run04/08/2017Jim Vollmer Invitational02:13.410
800m Run05/19/20163A West Regional02:15.4027
800m Run05/07/2016Katie Jenkins Invitational02:15.4918
800m Run12/06/2016MCPS Meet #202:19.3233
800m Run12/05/2017MCPS Meet #102:19.4245
Individual Titles
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