Malcolm Richardson
Class of 2005 (Update)
100 Dash ht05/10/2005Montgomery Co. Championship10.81
100 Dash ht05/18/20054A West Regional11.01
100 Dash ht04/23/2005Urbana Invitational11.908
100 Dash ht04/23/2005Urbana Invitational12.4015
100m Dash05/26/2005Maryland Outdoor State Meet11.042
100m Dash05/26/2005Maryland Outdoor State Meet11.425
200 Dash ht05/09/2002Montgomery Co. Championship22.656
200 Dash ht05/15/20024A West Regional22.73
200 Dash ht05/10/2005Montgomery Co. Championship23.14
200 Dash ht04/23/2005Urbana Invitational25.6030
200m Dash05/00/2003TC Williams Invitational22.606
200m Dash05/00/2003TC Williams Invitational22.713
200m Dash05/23/2002Maryland Outdoor State Meet22.939
200m Dash05/00/2002TC Williams Invitational22.945
300m Dash02/21/2005MD Indoor State Meet35.072
300m Dash02/14/20053A/4A West Regional35.691
300m Dash01/24/2004Montgomery Co. TF Championship35.821
300m Dash01/24/2005Montgomery Co. TF Championship36.192
300m Dash01/27/2003Montgomery Co. TF Championship36.563
400m Dash05/17/20034A West Regional49.71
400m Dash05/27/2003Maryland State Meet49.986
400m Dash01/11/2003Montgomery Invitational52.3711
400m Dash01/08/2005Montgomery Invitational52.3910
55m Dash01/24/2005Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.451
55m Dash01/24/2005Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.491
55m Dash02/21/2005MD Indoor State Meet6.523
55m Dash02/21/2005MD Indoor State Meet6.593
55m Dash02/14/20053A/4A West Regional6.601
Individual Titles
IT 2004Montgomery County300m Dash
IT 2005Montgomery County55m Dash
IT 20053A/4A West Region300m Dash
IT 20053A/4A West Region55m Dash
OT 20034A West Region400m Dash
OT 2005Montgomery County100m Dash
OT 20054A West Region100m Dash
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