Melanie Cathey
Quince Orchard
Class of 2000 (Update)
100 Dash ht05/18/20004A West Regional12.84
100 Dash ht05/18/20004A West Regional12.93
100 Hurdles ht05/18/20004A West Regional14.91
100 Hurdles ht05/11/2000Montgomery Co. Championship15.11
100 Hurdles ht05/18/20004A West Regional15.62
100m Dash05/25/2000Maryland Outdoor State Meet13.0815
100m Hurdles06/17/2000Footlocker Outdoor Championships14.9219
100m Hurdles05/25/2000Maryland Outdoor State Meet15.011
100m Hurdles05/25/2000Maryland Outdoor State Meet15.583
100m Hurdles05/06/2000TC Williams Invitational15.674
100m Hurdles05/06/2000TC Williams Invitational15.734
300m Hurdles05/18/20004A West Regional47.22
300m Hurdles05/25/2000Maryland Outdoor State Meet49.5810
55 Dash ht02/09/20003A-4A West Regional7.74
55 Dash ht02/09/20003A-4A West Regional7.94
55 Hurdles ht02/09/20003A-4A West Regional08.61
55 Hurdles ht01/28/2000Montgomery Co. TF Championship08.841
55 Hurdles ht02/09/20003A-4A West Regional09.11
55 Hurdles ht01/15/2000Fork Union Invitational09.936
55m Dash02/22/2000Maryland Indoor State8.1217
55m Hurdles02/22/2000Maryland Indoor State08.723
55m Hurdles02/22/2000Maryland Indoor State09.185
Individual Titles
IT 2000Montgomery County55m Hurdles
IT 20003A/4A West Region55m Hurdles
OT 2000Montgomery County100m Hurdles
OT 20004A West Region100 Hurdles ht
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