Gwen Klein
Thomas S. Wootton
Class of 2017

MoCoRunning XC Ranking Progression

2016 Final11/15/20164084.8
2016 Wk1011/06/20164187.5
2016 Wk810/24/20163891.0
2016 Wk710/16/20165270.8
2016 Wk610/09/20165370.8
2016 Wk510/02/20165565.2
2016 Wk409/25/20166440.2
2016 Wk309/18/20166633.9
2016 Wk209/11/20165930.6
2016 Wk109/05/20165432.3
2016 Preseason11/15/20154532.3
2015 Final11/15/20156932.3
2015 Wk1011/07/20157032.3
2015 Wk911/01/20157523.3
2015 Wk810/25/20156048.3
2015 Wk710/19/20156348.3
2015 Wk610/11/20157524.1
2015 Wk510/04/20157524.1
2015 Wk409/27/20156537.0
2015 Wk309/20/20155462.0
2015 Wk209/13/2015
2015 Preseason11/09/2014

Gwen Klein
XC Results Sorted by Date
3 Mile XC11/12/2016Maryland State Championship21:20.2551
5000m XC11/03/20164A West Regional20:48.1928
5000m XC10/22/2016Montgomery Co. Championship20:23.4328
5000m XC10/08/2016Glory Days Invitational21:29108
5000m XC10/05/2016QO, Wootton at WJ21:12.908
5000m XC09/28/2016RM, Churchill at Wootton22:19.723
3 Mile XC09/24/2016DC XC Invitational20:2735
5000m XC09/14/20167-Team Meet at Landon22:37.0215
5000m XC09/10/2016Track and Trail Invitational22:24.325
5000m XC11/21/2015Battle of the Potomac27:4858
5000m XC11/05/20154A West Regional21:28.641
5000m XC10/26/2015Montgomery Co. Championship21:14.377
5000m XC10/15/2015Coyote Run20:56.513
5000m XC09/29/2015Paint Branch at Wootton22:547
3 Mile XC09/26/2015DCXC Invitational21:55.039
5000m XC09/15/2015Wootton, NW, PV at Sherwood21:54.026
5000m XC09/12/2015Track and Trail Invitational22:23.533
5000m XC09/08/2015Wootton, QO at Poolesville23:12.0010

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