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Boys 5000m XC
Alex WillettNike Southeast Regional11/27/201015:25.30
Nicholas ReganNike Southeast Regional11/27/201015:28.50
Andrew JesienMeade Classic10/08/200415:37.43
Jacob MarksGreat American XC Fest10/05/201915:54.0
Chris MoenMoCo XC Championship10/21/200615:55.3
Josh EllisNXN Southeast Regional11/26/201115:59.60
Daniel Kosogof4A West Region Championship 10/31/201316:02.38
Sean O'LearyMontgomery Co. Championship10/18/200816:02.68
Scott SheehanNXN Southeast Regional11/26/201116:04.30
Fanuel Chageza3A West Regional11/01/200116:05.9

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Boys 3 Mile XC
Andrew JesienMaymont XC Festival10/02/200414:59
Daniel KosogofFrank Keyser Invitational 09/28/201315:27.6
Itai BezheranoFrank Keyser Invitational 09/28/201315:32.3
Nathaniel Rees4A West Regional11/01/201215:47
Fanuel ChagezaWilliam and Mary Invitational10/06/200115:49
Will Delay4A West Regional11/01/201216:05
Gavin WareWilliam and Mary Invitational10/04/200316:09
Chris MoenHarford Invitational09/30/200516:10.00
James Duncan4A West Regional11/01/201216:13
Nicholas Regan4A State Championship11/13/201016:13

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Boys 2.5 Mile XC
Chris MoenManhattan Invitational10/13/200712:53.94
Daniel KosogofManhattan Invitational10/12/201312:59.1
Rodrigo Yepez-LopezManhattan Invitational10/13/201813:04.0
Sean O'LearyManhattan Invitational10/11/200813:05.35
Andrew JesienManhattan Invitational10/11/200313:07.0
Alex WillettManhattan Invitational10/10/200913:09.3
Nathaniel ReesManhattan Invitational10/13/201213:14.0
Itai BezheranoManhattan Invitational10/12/201313:17.4
Matthew MorrisManhattan Invitational10/13/201213:17.6
Jacob MarksManhattan Invitational10/12/201913:18.4

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Boys Six Mile Relay XC
2008 WJ_RelaysWoodward Relays09/04/200731:08.70
2004 WJ_RelaysWoodward Relays09/05/200331:47:00
2019 WJ_RelaysWoodward Relays09/01/201833:07.20
2011 WJ_RelaysWoodward Relays09/07/201033:17
2020 WJ_RelaysWoodward Relays09/07/201933:22.03
2010 WJ_RelaysWoodward Relays09/08/200933:23.10
2014 WJ_RelaysWoodward Relays09/09/201333:30.56
2015 WJ_RelaysWoodward Relays09/08/201433:39.99
2013 WJ_RelaysWoodward Relays09/04/201234:11.08
2016 WJ_RelaysWoodward Relays09/08/201535:20.06

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