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Boys 5000m XC
Tommy ReeseMD-DC Private School Championships11/10/201216:52
Sam FooMD DC Private Schools Championship11/14/200917:22
Gabriel HasslerMD DC Private Schools Championship11/14/200917:40
Luke GarrettMD-DC Private School Championships11/10/201217:47
Jon WilliamsMD DC Private Schools Championship11/14/200918:08
Luke WoodardMD-DC Private Schools Championship11/13/201018:11
Danny MorinMD-DC Private Schools Championship11/13/201018:14
Oliver WeigandMD-DC Private School Championships11/10/201218:15
Martin KelleyMD DC Private Schools Championship11/14/200918:15
John TraceyMD-DC Private Schools Championship11/13/201018:18

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Boys 3 Mile XC
Gabriel HasslerGlory Days Invitational10/10/200917:25
Sam FooGlory Days Invitational10/10/200917:39
Christian WintersGlory Days Invitational10/10/200917:54
Martin KelleyGlory Days Invitational10/10/200917:54
Jon WilliamsGeorgetown Prep Classic10/18/200817:59.41
David DausmanGeorgetown Prep Classic10/18/200818:20.64
John TraceyGeorgetown Prep Classic10/18/200818:21.89
Alex O'NeillGlory Days Invitational10/10/200918:31
Simon CasselleGlory Days Invitational10/10/200918:36
Noah PattonGeorgetown Prep Classic10/18/200818:52.39

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Boys 2.5 Mile XC

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Boys Six Mile Relay XC

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