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Girls 5000m XC
Cara HarrisonMoCo XC Championship10/21/200618:26.2
Karen Pulliam4A West Regional11/02/200018:39.79
Aimee MooresMontgomery Co. Championship10/18/200818:58.61
Stephanie JosonNXN Southeast Regional11/28/200919:01.50
Isabelle LatourMoCo Championship10/20/201219:14.72
Regina SchreiberMCPS Championship 10/19/201319:16
Cierra WellsGlory Days Invitational10/13/201219:24
Caitlyn KennedyMontgomery Co. XC Championship10/23/200419:26.02
Lindsey Schneider4A West Regional11/02/200019:26.23
Maya JacobsonMoCo XC Championship10/26/201519:29.3

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Girls 3 Mile XC
Karen PulliamWilliam & Mary Invitational10/07/200017:00
Isabelle Latour4A West Regional11/01/201218:41
Caitlyn KennedyWilliam and Mary Invitational10/02/200418:42
Anya OleynikWilliam and Mary Invitational10/01/200518:57
Lindsey SchneiderWilliam & Mary Invitational10/07/200019:03
Cara HarrisonWilliam and Mary Invitational10/01/200519:06
Cierra Wells4A West Regional11/01/201219:06
Linh-Yen DoWilliam and Mary Invitational10/04/200319:21
Stacey BroadbentWilliam & Mary Invitational10/07/200019:31
Julie FryWilliam and Mary Invitational10/04/200319:34

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Girls 2.5 Mile XC
Karen PulliamManhattan Invitational10/14/200015:20.5
Lindsey SchneiderManhattan Invitational10/14/200016:16
Stacey BroadbentManhattan Invitational10/14/200016:37

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Girls Six Mile Relay XC
2008 QO_RelaysWoodward Relays09/04/200740:10.80
2014 QO_RelaysWoodward Relays09/09/201342:57.52

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