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Girls 5000m XC
Mia-Irene GyauMD-DC Private School Championships11/10/201218:48
Ellie GassIAC/ISL/MAC Championships10/29/200519:47.69
Lindsay LewisIAC/MAC/ISL Championship10/26/201320:48
Ariana WrightISL, IAC, MAC Championship10/28/201721:26
Hushon DevonIAC/ISL/MAC Championship10/26/201921:28.59
Nina RoumellDC-MD Private Schools Championships11/08/200821:29
Celia MarraroPrivate School Championship11/02/200221:31.14
Alex AustIAC/ISL/MAC Championships10/29/200521:32.60
Tali ChampneyDC-MD Private School Championships11/09/201321:37
Masai RussellIAC/ISL/MAC Championship10/31/201521:50

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Girls 3 Mile XC
Ellie GassLandon Invitational10/13/200720:44.00
Nina RoumellGeorgetown Prep Classic10/18/200820:46.13
Claire SlortGlory Days Invitational10/06/201821:41
Grace TakesuyeGeorgetown Prep Classic10/18/200821:49.42
Adrienne WendlingGeorgetown Prep Classic10/18/200821:52.90
Caroline SussmanIAC/ISL/MAC Championship10/25/200823:07
Katya GobushLandon Invitational10/13/200723:10.00
Ariana WrightBulldog Invitational09/08/201823:21.00
Ilana CaplanLandon Invitational10/13/200724:26.00
Julia BradyIAC/ISL/MAC Championship10/25/200824:49

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Girls 2.5 Mile XC

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Girls Six Mile Relay XC

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