Goucher Blue & Gold HS Invite
Hosted By: Goucher
Baltimore, Maryland
Saturday, October 09, 2021

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Girls 5K - 5K Run
1Olivia Sobkowicz 9Notre Dame Prep High School20:53.6
2Mikayla Stephens11Academy of the Holy Cross20:54.5
3Maggie BACK10Notre Dame Prep High School21:11.8
4Meg Volley12Notre Dame Prep High School21:31.2
5Nicole Dia12Baltimore Poly High School21:39.1
6Scarlet Davies10Notre Dame Prep High School22:01.6
7Shehan BAIRD12Notre Dame Prep High School22:08.9
8Jane Williams11Notre Dame Prep High School22:09.3
9Eliza Gulley 9Edmund Burke School22:14.3
10Anna Kate Hunter11Notre Dame Prep High School22:22.6
11Alyssa Gallaher11Crofton High School22:26.8
12Mahlet Mesfin11Crofton High School22:30.7
13Isabella Dorsey10Notre Dame Prep High School22:37.1
14Isabella Askey11Notre Dame Prep High School22:47.7
15Kate Connelly 9Notre Dame Prep High School22:56.5
16Kayla Noris11Academy of the Holy Cross23:07.0
17Meklit Mesfin11Crofton High School23:15.2
18Charlotte Glorioso 9Notre Dame Prep High School23:23.7
19Mary Kincer11Academy of the Holy Cross23:28.0
20Lindsay Fernandez 9Glen Burnie High School23:38.4
21Alyssa D'Alonzo11Notre Dame Prep High School23:46.6
22Flannery Lee 9Notre Dame Prep High School23:49.0
23Myra Benbow 9Crofton High School23:51.3
24Ivy Somers11St. Mary's Ryken High School23:54.0
25Kayla Schatz12Notre Dame Prep High School24:21.5
26Adeline McDonnell10Notre Dame Prep High School24:22.7
27Emily Baird11Crofton High School24:31.2
28Isabella Pla12Academy of the Holy Cross24:32.5
29Alicia MacMillan 9Crofton High School24:57.8
30Abigail Baird11Crofton High School25:02.0
31Caitlin Balaguer10Academy of the Holy Cross25:18.6
32Keileigh Mese-Jones10Baltimore Poly High School25:23.3
33Kaitlyn Melegari 9Notre Dame Prep High School25:35.7
34Grace Wagner10Notre Dame Prep High School25:42.3
35Lillian Gwynn 9St. Mary's Ryken High School25:47.4
36Lil Elsayan10St. Mary's Ryken High School25:48.5
37Lillian Adams 9Baltimore Poly High School26:05.3
38Elena Sunderman10Academy of the Holy Cross26:22.1
39Sofia Sherman12St. Mary's Ryken High School26:22.9
40Lindsey Reynolds 9Academy of the Holy Cross26:25.8
41Dani Dryden 9Notre Dame Prep High School26:27.2
42Hope Dudley12Notre Dame Prep High School26:46.3
43Annelies De Moor10Academy of the Holy Cross26:46.8
44Katie Baier11Catholic High School26:58.0
45Miya Mese-Jones10Baltimore Poly High School27:04.7
46Truman Warner11Crofton High School27:06.0
47Casey ROLFES12Notre Dame Prep High School27:25.5
48Summer Nelson11Notre Dame Prep High School27:41.2
49Fredjina Verella 9Academy of the Holy Cross27:44.0
50Grace Hansen10Catholic High School27:46.5
51Leah Cirincione12Notre Dame Prep High School28:06.7
52Olivia Shannon10Notre Dame Prep High School28:16.2
53Paige Parquette10St. Mary's Ryken High School28:20.3
54Bridget May10Notre Dame Prep High School28:54.4
55Catherine Stock12Catholic High School29:17.3
56Daniela Kirby 9Catholic High School29:31.1
57Madison Selby11Catholic High School29:34.5
58Valentina Lumaro10Notre Dame Prep High School29:35.8
59Nina Ferrero12St. Mary's Ryken High School30:31.4
60Jillian Thayer 9Catholic High School35:23.9
Boys 5K - 5K Run
1John Bertuna 9Crofton High School17:54.8
2London Layton10Crofton High School17:59.4
3Jackson Lastowski 9Crofton High School18:01.5
4Odin Adams11Baltimore Poly High School18:05.2
5Zach Maldonado11St. Mary's Ryken High School18:07.8
6Elyjah Bassford12Baltimore Poly High School18:36.9
7Nicholas Fine11Crofton High School19:02.4
8James Ervin10St. Mary's Ryken High School19:15.3
9Ahren Berlanger11Crofton High School19:27.2
10James Bachman11Baltimore Poly High School19:37.1
11Luke Higgins 9Crofton High School19:38.2
12Ross McMinn11Glen Burnie High School19:45.7
13Travis Peach12Glen Burnie High School19:47.2
14Jeremy Klasmeier11Crofton High School19:54.3
15Nash Seitz11Glen Burnie High School19:54.9
16Brandon Isbell10Baltimore Poly High School20:08.3
17Nicholas Bader 9Baltimore Poly High School20:18.9
18Alec MacMillan 9Crofton High School20:19.1
19Alexander Tull 9Crofton High School20:33.8
20Ethan Bergman11Glen Burnie High School20:36.2
21Jason Zheng11Baltimore Poly High School20:54.6
22Gavin Terry11St. Mary's Ryken High School21:03.9
23Ryan Guy 9St. Mary's Ryken High School21:17.7
24Wilfred Ehrmantraut11St. Mary's Ryken High School21:24.0
25Josh Magno 9St. Mary's Ryken High School21:27.4
26Nathan Raley11St. Mary's Ryken High School21:54.2
27Jameson Smith 9St. Mary's Ryken High School22:11.7
28Ian Singleton11Edmund Burke School22:13.8
29Caden Castanzo 9St. Mary's Ryken High School22:15.4
30Jack Jezior 8Edmund Burke School22:25.3
31Adam Oppenheimer11Edmund Burke School22:26.3
32Charlie Wiseman 9Edmund Burke School23:10.2
33Frederick Bentley 9Edmund Burke School23:18.0
34Ayden Paulay 9Baltimore Poly High School23:18.9
35Georgie MacDevitt11Edmund Burke School23:43.7
36Daniel Papas11St. Mary's Ryken High School24:00.4
37Arlo Harper 9Edmund Burke School24:48.8
38Nathan Penn10St. Mary's Ryken High School24:49.9
39Caleb Browne10Baltimore Poly High School25:14.5
40Michael Finarelli 9St. Mary's Ryken High School25:19.3
41Charles Bahr 9Baltimore Poly High School25:26.7
42Dayon Woodson 9Baltimore Poly High School25:27.3
43Cassius Fiorill8Edmund Burke School25:36.1
44Daniel Torreyson11St. Mary's Ryken High School25:41.2
45Aaron Horowitz 9Edmund Burke School26:28.0
46Ben KahnEdmund Burke School27:52.6
47Graham Vinyard10Edmund Burke School28:30.2
48Brandon Loyko12Glen Burnie High School29:43.8
49Jack Dalucco11St. Mary's Ryken High School35:59.2

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