Mocorunning started from a blank page on a dorm room monitor at Catholic University in Washington, DC.

A 2003 graduate of Gaithersburg High School, I had a passion for keeping up with the local high school running scene. I contributed to existing websites that were devoted to running coverage in Maryland. Because those contributions were well-received, I began to dream up a website that I could operate on my own. I had no training in web design, but before I knew it, I was writing code for the creation of my own running website. The first version of launched on December 13, 2005.

Upon college graduation in 2007, I carved out a full-time career for myself. This website has remained a spare time endeavor. was designed and hand-coded from scratch. The aesthetic design intentionally remains simple and stripped down to retain that grass roots ambiance. All technical maintenance including upkeep of the results database is done by myself. Original content is provided by myself and volunteer contributors.

This website has no affiliation with any school system, track & field organization, club, or governing body.

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Thank you RunWashington for this Feature Story in 2015.

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