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The Katie Jenkins Invitational began in 1984.

Katie Jenkins graduated from Sherwood High School in 1981. She was a model student who died long before her time. In 1983 on the Fourth of July, a dark rainy day late in the afternoon, Katie was in a disastrous car accident resulting in her death. She had just completed her second year in college majoring in physical therapy.

Katie had a sterling high school career including many awards and successes. During her four years at Sherwood, she was awarded varsity letters for every sports team she participated on. She participated in field hockey, basketball, and track & field. She was on the state champion field hockey team and took second place overall in the state track & field meet for the discus.

Katie was not only a great athlete but also an honor student. She was on the honor roll throughout her high school career, and for her efforts, she became a member of the Sherwood chapter of the National Honor Society.

Katie's coaches knew her as a dedicated team player, an excellent competitor and an inspiration to those who competed with her. Because of her contributions, the Sherwood Athletic Department and coaches dedicated the annual invitational track meet to the memory of her and her loving family.

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100m DashEnoch OwumiJohn F. Kennedy201610.96
100 Dash htGreg BrooksPoolesville200510.7
200m DashEnoch OwumiJohn F. Kennedy201622.37
200 Dash htGreg BrooksPoolesville200522.1
400m DashDavid HamiltonRichard Montgomery201150.11
800m RunJoseph WoiwodeGeorgetown Prep201001:54.03
1500m RunCliff TilleyThomas S. Wootton201404:24.90
1600m RunGarrett SuhrRichard Montgomery201904:21.11
3200m RunElias TousleyBethesda Chevy Chase200609:30.0
110m HurdlesBoubacar DialloSpringbrook201314.99
110 Hurdles htDarren BrownleeNorthwest200514.6
300m HurdlesZachery Richardson-JackSeneca Valley201439.81
4x100m Relay2007 GC_RelaysGood Counsel200743.4
4x200m Relay2004 RM_RelaysRichard Montgomery200401:33.6
4x400m Relay2010 GP_RelaysGeorgetown Prep201003:25.33
4x800m Relay2007 NW_RelaysNorthwest200708:13.8
8x200m Relay2007 GC_RelaysGood Counsel200703:04.0
High JumpJamal CurricaDamascus20066-04.00
DiscusThor SerafenasGood Counsel2010176-01
Triple JumpBryant EnglandSeneca Valley200545-08.00
Shot PutAndrew BirginWalter Johnson201856-00.25
DiscusThor SerafenasGood Counsel2010176-01
100m DashStephanie DavisMagruder201512.14
100 Dash htLian BoosThomas S. Wootton200712.3
200m DashStephanie DavisMagruder201524.90
200 Dash htCoreene Lopes RibieroSherwood200525.5
400m DashMartha SamJames H. Blake201357.83
800m RunCaroline ClarkHoly Cross201302:16.42
1500m RunAmanda Hayes-PuttfarckenSherwood201605:10.01
1600m RunEmily MurphyWalter Johnson201405:08.62
3200m RunHalsey SinclairMontgomery Blair200611:14.0
100m HurdlesAlexus PylesClarksburg201514.07
100 Hurdles htErika ZollerDamascus200514.3
300m HurdlesAlexus PylesClarksburg201644.72
4x100m Relay2007 RM_RelaysRichard Montgomery200749.1
4x200m Relay2004 Damascus_RelaysDamascus200401:47.0
4x400m Relay2013 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201304:06.08
4x800m Relay2014 Poolesville_RelaysPoolesville201409:33.26
8x200m Relay2016 Clarksburg_RelaysClarksburg201603:35.27
High JumpStarr StoverRichard Montgomery20185-06.00
Long JumpFanny ChenWinston Churchill201417-06.00
Triple JumpCierra PylesClarksburg201637-00.00
Shot PutClaudia AbabioClarksburg201443-10.00
DiscusOzioma EdokobiRichard Montgomery2014131-08

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