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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2000. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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100m DashJohari JohnsonLandon201511.68
100 Dash htMalachi Bostic-WattleyLandon201211.2
200m DashJohari JohnsonLandon201523.08
200 Dash htDeion WellingtonLandon201222.2
400m DashRandall SeegerLandon201251.4
800m RunLance BurlesonGeorgetown Prep200402:03.3
1500m RunSteven DuplinskyGeorgetown Prep200404:06.6
1600m RunJosh MichaelLandon201204:49.2
3000m RunDave MacKenzieGeorgetown Prep200409:37.1
110m HurdlesMichael ShacklefordGeorgetown Prep200616.72
110 Hurdles htOliver HightowerLandon201414.50
300m HurdlesOliver HightowerLandon201440.20
4x100m Relay2012 Landon_RelaysLandon201243.0
4x400m Relay2012 Landon_RelaysLandon201203:31.5
High JumpMike HolseyLandon20046-02.00
DiscusPearson NibleyLandon2007129-10
Triple JumpJoe HazelBullis201040-06.75
Shot PutColter PhillipsGeorgetown Prep200644-04.0
DiscusPearson NibleyLandon2007129-10
100m DashGeorgia CollinsHoly Child201513.36
100 Dash htKyla LewisBullis201212.3
200m DashAriel BurkeBullis200928.00
200 Dash htKyla LewisBullis201227.1
400m DashIdrienne WalkerBullis201260.2
800m RunNina RoumellBullis200802:38.2
1500m RunNina RoumellBullis200805:26.1
1600m RunEster KimBullis201207:18.1
3000m RunEllie GassBullis200812:14.4
100 Hurdles htTaylor JenkinsBullis201218.4
300m HurdlesTaylor JenkinsBullis200961.34
4x100m Relay2010 Bullis_RelaysBullis201051.34
4x400m Relay2010 Bullis_RelaysBullis201004:20.64
High JumpTaylor JenkinsBullis20124-06.00
Long JumpAmala NixonBullis201215-04.75
Triple JumpJana MartinezBullis201228-07.00
Shot PutBrianna GrahamBullis201229-05.50
DiscusBrianna GrahamBullis2012060-07

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