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The Victor Cahoon Track Classic is an outdoor track invitational hosted by Osbourn Park High School in Manassas, Virginia.

Victor Cahoon was a first team All-Met running back and a star track athlete for Osbourn Park High School, Class of 1986. In at least one meet, Cahoon ran ht-10.48 in the 100m dash and jumped 23-08 in the long jump. He signed to play football for Arizona State University and briefly signed with the Washington Redskins in 1991.

Cahoon died suddenly in 2003 at age 34. Osbourn Park High School named its home track meet in his honor in 2004 and awards a scholarship in his name at that meet.

Montgomery County Top Performances

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100m DashTurner RobertsGood Counsel201711.03
100m DashSavian BarrettGood Counsel201711.10
100m DashPierre' DyerFrench International200711.33
100m DashMicaiah AdedejiGood Counsel201911.37
100m DashCortlandt HarrisGood Counsel200911.38
100m DashJoshua PaschalGood Counsel201711.46
100m DashMekhi SmithGood Counsel201811.51
100m DashJosh KellyGood Counsel201811.59
100m DashDonito SmithWalter Johnson201011.70
100m DashTremayne StottGood Counsel201711.88
200m DashDarnell PrattGood Counsel201721.83
200m DashJonathan ImesGood Counsel201722.37
200m DashCortlandt HarrisGood Counsel200922.98
200m DashPierre' DyerFrench International200723.10
200m DashMekhi SmithGood Counsel201823.30
200m DashMichael LiWalter Johnson201023.31
200m DashJosh KellyGood Counsel201723.65
200m DashEric TrimbleGood Counsel201823.67
200m DashTerrance MartinGood Counsel200923.82
200m DashDonito SmithWalter Johnson201023.91
400m DashDarnell PrattGood Counsel201648.52
400m DashJonathan ImesGood Counsel201649.10
400m DashEthan AriasGood Counsel201851.96
400m DashDonito SmithWalter Johnson201052.57
400m DashJemel SessomsGood Counsel200952.81
400m DashDonlan DaileyGood Counsel201953.24
400m DashEric TrimbleGood Counsel201853.66
400m DashPaul PageGood Counsel201953.93
400m DashNaeem GreenGood Counsel201854.17
400m DashCan ErikanFrench International200755.54
800m RunKevin McGivernGood Counsel201601:57.35
800m RunMartin DallyWalter Johnson201002:02.03
800m RunNicholas ReganWalter Johnson201002:04.91
800m RunJonathan ImesGood Counsel201502:08.14
800m RunGeorge DrewyerGood Counsel201502:09.41
800m RunJeremiah MeltonGood Counsel201502:11.60
800m RunBrandon McKinneyGood Counsel201902:14.23
800m RunJosh RogersGood Counsel201702:14.26
800m RunKendall WrightGood Counsel201902:16.84
800m RunJonathan AlzettaFrench International200702:17.2
1500m RunJack WaveringGood Counsel201603:59.90
1500m RunJimmy VazzanaGood Counsel201604:04.96
1500m RunSean O'LearyWalter Johnson201004:09.12
1500m RunJosh EllisWalter Johnson201004:13.96
1500m RunKevin McGivernGood Counsel201504:16.69
1500m RunGeorge DrewyerGood Counsel201604:23.13
1500m RunJantzen WashingtonGood Counsel201904:23.50
1500m RunJohn LynaghGood Counsel200904:33.06
1500m RunJack RielyGood Counsel200904:33.27
1500m RunJosh RogersGood Counsel201704:36.14
1600m RunJimmy VazzanaGood Counsel201604:23.02c
3000m RunJack WaveringGood Counsel201509:17.73
3000m RunIshan DeyWalter Johnson201009:18.05
3000m RunAlex WillettWalter Johnson201009:21.96
3000m RunKevin McGivernGood Counsel201509:24.61
3000m RunJeremiah MeltonGood Counsel201509:46.59
3000m RunSam RainardGood Counsel200909:50.37
3000m RunJustin GrondineGood Counsel201810:04.48
3000m RunJocquin BaldacciGood Counsel201811:00.44
3000m RunJack ShawhanGood Counsel201911:05.89
3000m RunJohn BartlettGood Counsel201911:49.86
110m HurdlesIan DavisGood Counsel201614.57
110m HurdlesJustin CleaverGood Counsel201615.51
110m HurdlesNaeem GreenGood Counsel201715.89
110m HurdlesElad CovaliuWalter Johnson201016.69
110m HurdlesCullen YankeyGood Counsel201816.77
110m HurdlesJustin SmithGood Counsel201916.90
110m HurdlesTarsus RaoGood Counsel201817.16
110m HurdlesKyle MartinGood Counsel200917.35
110m HurdlesAxel TasongGood Counsel201917.84
110m HurdlesLouis LylesGood Counsel201818.51
300m HurdlesJustin CleaverGood Counsel201640.77
300m HurdlesIan DavisGood Counsel201641.34
300m HurdlesCullen YankeyGood Counsel201841.85
300m HurdlesMawunyo WurapaGood Counsel201743.63
300m HurdlesLouis LylesGood Counsel201844.10
300m HurdlesElad CovaliuWalter Johnson201046.29
300m HurdlesAxel TasongGood Counsel201946.63
300m HurdlesTarsus RaoGood Counsel201847.43
300m HurdlesKyle MartinGood Counsel200947.61
300m HurdlesColin RuxtonGood Counsel201948.05
4x100m Relay2009 GC_RelaysGood Counsel200944.21
4x100m Relay2017 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201744.27
4x100m Relay2018 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201846.02
4x100m Relay2007 Rochambeau_RelaysFrench International200746.11
4x100m Relay2016 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201647.10
4x200m Relay2018 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201801:35.96
4x400m Relay2010 WJ_RelaysWalter Johnson201003:34.57
4x800m Relay2010 WJ_RelaysWalter Johnson201008:08.40
4x800m Relay2017 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201708:15.22
4x800m Relay2009 GC_RelaysGood Counsel200908:19.70
4x800m Relay2015 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201508:38.95
4x800m Relay2019 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201909:06.85
4x800m Relay2018 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201809:14.66
High JumpDavid OutlandGood Counsel20096-00.00
High JumpTarsus RaoGood Counsel20185-04.00
DiscusThor SerafenasGood Counsel2009161-00
DiscusKristopher JenkinsGood Counsel2019139-07
DiscusJoshua PaschalGood Counsel2017120-03
DiscusJohnny FarrellGood Counsel2015107-07.00
DiscusLloyd JonesGood Counsel2018105-06
DiscusEli CrutchfieldGood Counsel2009104-07
Triple JumpCullen YankeyGood Counsel201842-01.00
Triple JumpNaeem GreenGood Counsel201840-07.00
Triple JumpMawunyo WurapaGood Counsel201840-04.00
Triple JumpElad CovaliuWalter Johnson201039-10.50
Triple JumpMark HamiltonGood Counsel200937-04.00
Triple JumpTerrance MartinGood Counsel200936-08.00
Triple JumpNick DamianoGood Counsel201934-00.25
Shot PutJoshua PaschalGood Counsel201744-11.50
Shot PutLloyd JonesGood Counsel201843-06.50
Shot PutThor SerafenasGood Counsel200942-08.00
Shot PutKamren TaylorGood Counsel201841-09.50
Shot PutDevin Gordon-HammGood Counsel200936-05.00
Shot PutJulio AyamelGood Counsel201836-05.00
Shot PutJohnny FarrellGood Counsel201536-01.00
Shot PutKristopher JenkinsGood Counsel201935-05.75
Shot PutNoah MillerGood Counsel201931-03.00
Shot PutTristan JohnsonGood Counsel201927-06.00
DiscusThor SerafenasGood Counsel2009161-00
DiscusKristopher JenkinsGood Counsel2019139-07
DiscusJoshua PaschalGood Counsel2017120-03
DiscusJohnny FarrellGood Counsel2015107-07.00
DiscusLloyd JonesGood Counsel2018105-06
DiscusEli CrutchfieldGood Counsel2009104-07
100m DashEileen BartlettGood Counsel201612.56
100m DashAlix DyerFrench International200712.58
100m DashKierra MarshallHoly Cross201812.65
100m DashZhane LettsomeGood Counsel201912.94
100m DashMary BartlettGood Counsel200912.96
100m DashAlise GreenHoly Cross201612.96
100m DashAmy MortensenHoly Cross201713.13
100m DashMariah GrayGood Counsel201613.18
100m DashMaya CampbellWalter Johnson201013.35
100m DashMary HuledeGood Counsel201713.40
200m DashCaitlyn EttienneGood Counsel201925.78
200m DashKierra MarshallHoly Cross201925.99
200m DashAlix DyerFrench International200726.03
200m DashMilan ReedGood Counsel201826.18
200m DashLauryn PerpallHoly Cross201426.20
200m DashLena FowlerGood Counsel201526.45
200m DashMary BartlettGood Counsel200926.54
200m DashAmy MortensenHoly Cross201726.65
200m DashIleana PlummerGood Counsel201927.09
200m DashMariah GrayGood Counsel201627.10
400m DashRachel PocratskyGood Counsel201558.21
400m DashCaitlyn EttienneGood Counsel201759.55
400m DashLena FowlerGood Counsel201559.67
400m DashErin PocratskyGood Counsel201561.08
400m DashMilan ReedGood Counsel201862.14
400m DashLauryn PerpallHoly Cross201463.80
400m DashSochi AbiiGood Counsel201863.84
400m DashJeasmine EbessaHoly Cross201764.43
400m DashOpey SolaruGood Counsel200965.07
400m DashAlise GreenHoly Cross201665.19
800m RunRachel PocratskyGood Counsel201502:14.70
800m RunCamille BouvetWalter Johnson201002:20.88
800m RunHilerie KnightsGood Counsel201702:25.29
800m RunMegan CrillyGood Counsel201502:27.22
800m RunTheresa RogersHoly Cross201502:28.18
800m RunIleana PlummerGood Counsel201802:34.16
800m RunMargaret KahwatyGood Counsel200902:39.67
800m RunTori KestelHoly Cross201902:40.14
800m RunJulia FlickGood Counsel201902:43.57
800m RunMartha HrdyHoly Cross201902:43.57
1500m RunMegan CrillyGood Counsel201604:41.60
1500m RunAnna BosseWalter Johnson201004:57.23
1500m RunHilerie KnightsGood Counsel201805:04.66
1500m RunClaudia WendtGood Counsel201605:05.91
1500m RunMichaela PetersonHoly Cross201505:08.21
1500m RunEllen TuttleGood Counsel201705:09.09
1500m RunJennifer SpencerWalter Johnson201005:09.95
1500m RunRebecca GardnerHoly Cross201505:21.56
1500m RunKara CroninHoly Cross201405:32.70
1500m RunElizabeth KanieckiGood Counsel201505:34.60
1600m RunMegan CrillyGood Counsel201605:02.36c
3000m RunAnna BosseWalter Johnson201010:48.76
3000m RunJenna WillettWalter Johnson201010:50.77
3000m RunMaggie RalstonGood Counsel201611:48.87
3000m RunJenny JiaGood Counsel201611:55.41
3000m RunGrace TarbrakeHoly Cross201712:02.55
3000m RunMartha HrdyHoly Cross201712:19.51
3000m RunKatie TonerHoly Cross201412:22.08
3000m RunNatalie WalshHoly Cross201712:26.06
3000m RunEmily MayHoly Cross201512:31.49
3000m RunIsobel HermansHoly Cross201512:37.02
100m HurdlesLaura DallyWalter Johnson201015.90
100m HurdlesChristin HackneyGood Counsel201516.21
100m HurdlesMcCall BrownGood Counsel201816.65
100m HurdlesImani JonesGood Counsel201717.17
100m HurdlesElizabeth ParkerHoly Cross201617.22
100m HurdlesSasha TyckoWalter Johnson201017.36
100m HurdlesSavannah HillGood Counsel201917.51
100m HurdlesGabriella JohnsonGood Counsel201818.09
100m HurdlesChristina SchwartzGood Counsel201818.49
100m HurdlesArlene AyukGood Counsel201918.97
300m HurdlesMarilyn YangGood Counsel201947.36
300m HurdlesChristin HackneyGood Counsel201549.93
300m HurdlesEileen BartlettGood Counsel201751.61
300m HurdlesSavannah HillGood Counsel201952.38
300m HurdlesImani JonesGood Counsel201652.84
300m HurdlesElizabeth ParkerHoly Cross201453.24
300m HurdlesShannon BlessingGood Counsel201553.90
300m HurdlesMaura LyonsHoly Cross201654.02
300m HurdlesElizabeth KanieckiGood Counsel201654.85
300m HurdlesTori KestelHoly Cross201655.95
4x100m Relay2009 GC_RelaysGood Counsel200949.83
4x100m Relay2017 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201750.26
4x100m Relay2016 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201650.70
4x100m Relay2019 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201951.70
4x100m Relay2015 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201551.90
4x100m Relay2017 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201752.39
4x100m Relay2016 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201652.93
4x100m Relay2019 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201954.22
4x100m Relay2015 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201556.69
4x200m Relay2018 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201801:57.42
4x400m Relay2015 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201504:09.70
4x400m Relay2019 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201904:13.53
4x400m Relay2015 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201504:32.28
4x400m Relay2017 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201704:36.41
4x800m Relay2010 WJ_RelaysWalter Johnson201010:05.28
4x800m Relay2015 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201510:08.97
4x800m Relay2009 GC_RelaysGood Counsel200910:17.46
4x800m Relay2019 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201910:31.27
4x800m Relay2016 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201610:34.45
4x800m Relay2015 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201510:46.11
4x800m Relay2014 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201410:53.59
4x800m Relay2017 GC_RelaysGood Counsel201711:00.13
4x800m Relay2017 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201711:42.67
4x800m Relay2019 Holy_Cross_RelaysHoly Cross201912:27.69
High JumpNicole EnbosiGood Counsel20155-02.00
High JumpErin PocratskyGood Counsel20154-08.00
High JumpGrace GouldingHoly Cross20154-08.00
High JumpKiersten KellerHoly Cross20144-06.00
High JumpImani JonesGood Counsel20164-06.00
Long JumpChristin HackneyGood Counsel201516-10.00
Long JumpKierra MarshallHoly Cross201916-02.25
Long JumpJada StithGood Counsel201815-11.50
Long JumpElizabeth ParkerHoly Cross201415-06.00
Long JumpParis ClarkGood Counsel201614-10.00
Long JumpMaura LyonsHoly Cross201614-09.00
Long JumpChristina SchwartzGood Counsel201814-06.25
Long JumpGabriella JohnsonGood Counsel201814-00.50
Long JumpAmber JacksonHoly Cross201513-09.00
Long JumpImani JonesGood Counsel201513-08.50
Triple JumpChristin HackneyGood Counsel201734-09.00
Triple JumpJada StithGood Counsel201833-10.25
Triple JumpLaura DallyWalter Johnson201033-08.75
Triple JumpParis ClarkGood Counsel201632-08.00
Triple JumpMaura LyonsHoly Cross201630-05.50
Triple JumpElizabeth ParkerHoly Cross201629-09.00
Triple JumpSasha TyckoWalter Johnson201029-07.75
Triple JumpGabriella JohnsonGood Counsel201828-06.50
Shot PutHannah YomiGood Counsel201933-05.50
Shot PutTaylor HaginsHoly Cross201431-10.00
Shot PutJasmine NewmanHoly Cross201429-04.00
Shot PutNicole EnbosiGood Counsel201528-08.00
Shot PutJordan RayGood Counsel201827-04.50
Shot PutUzoma ElekwachiGood Counsel201826-10.50
Shot PutNaomi AdedokunHoly Cross201624-06.25
Shot PutSofie LeuschHoly Cross201724-06.00
Shot PutMoraya UgwuHoly Cross201523-04.00
Shot PutElaine FinneyHoly Cross201722-01.00
DiscusHannah YomiGood Counsel2019107-02
DiscusTaylor HaginsHoly Cross2015105-10.00
DiscusMcCall BrownGood Counsel2018087-06
DiscusNaomi AdedokunHoly Cross2016086-05
DiscusElekwachi UzomaGood Counsel2018084-03
DiscusJordan RayGood Counsel2018082-00
DiscusJasmine NewmanHoly Cross2014080-03.50
DiscusUzoma ElekwachiGood Counsel2019074-09
DiscusElaine FinneyHoly Cross2017072-05
DiscusSofie LeuschHoly Cross2017071-00

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