Blair HS Home XC Meets History

2019Northwest at Blair
2018Whitman at Blair
2017Wootton, B-CC at Blair
2016Springbrook at Blair
2015Nwd, Gburg, SpB at Blair
2014Springbrook at Blair
2013RM at Montgomery Blair
2012Gaithersburg at Blair
2011Gburg @ Blair
2010Northwood at Blair
2010Rockville at Blair
2009Wootton at Blair
2009Gaithersburg at Blair
2000Blair vs. Seneca Valley
1999Poolesville vs. Blair
1998Blair vs. Einstein
1998Blair, Magruder, Walter Johnson
1997Blair vs. B-CC
1992Springbrook at Blair
1992Paint Branch at Blair
1991B-CC, Wheaton at Blair
1990WJ at Blair
1990Seneca Valley at Blair
1989Gburg, Springbrook at Blair
1988Springbrook, Wheaton at Blair
1988Einstein at Blair
1987Einstein at Blair
1986Springbrook at Blair
1985Gaithersburg at Blair
1985Rockville, SV at Blair
1983SV, Springbrook at Blair
1982Churchill, Gaithersburg at Blair
1981Whitman, SV at Blair

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Blair High School utilizes Wheaton Regional Park for its home cross country meets. The course begins and ends in a field behind Ovid Hazen Wells Carousel and Wheaton Miniature Train station. Runners complete two figure 8 loops including a Pine Lake loop and a wooded trail loop. As of 2016 the described course is not usable due to construction.

Blair High School previously was located on Wayne Avenue at the building now used as Silver Spring International Middle School. At that site, Blair's cross country course started and ended on the track and ran partly on Sligo Creek trails and partly in the hilly neighborhood adjacent to the school. When Blair High School moved to its current location at University Boulevard, there was not enough property to host a cross country meet, so the team continued using its old course at Silver Spring International Middle School. There was a period of time in the early 2000's when Blair stopped using the middle school and did not host home meets.

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5000m XCAdam NakasakaBethesda Chevy Chase201717:01
5000m XCMorgan CaseyMontgomery Blair201619:51:00

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