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2019Blair, NWD at Rockville
2019Wheaton at Rockville
2018Kennedy at Rockville
2018Wheaton at Rockville
2017Blair, Kennedy at Rockville
2017Northwood at Rockville
2016Blair at Rockville
2016Kennedy at Rockville
2015Kennedy Northwood at Rockville
2015Einstein at Rockville
2014Einstein at Rockville
2013Kennedy at Rockville
2013NWD, Wheaton at Rockville
2012Kennedy at Rockville
2012Einstein at Rockville
2011Einstein @ Rockville
2011Paint Branch @ Rockville
2011Damascus @ Rockville
2010PB @ Rockville
2009Springbrook @ Rockville
2009RM, Magruder @ Rockville
2008CB, AE @ Rockville
2008Magruder @ Rockville
1997Damascus at Rockville
1995Einstein at Rockville
1994B-CC at Rockville
1994Damascus at Rockville
1992Kennedy at Rockville
1992Blair at Rockville
1990Sherwood, Pool at Rockville
1990Watkins Mill at Rockville
1990Damascus at Rockville
1989Blair at Rockville
1987Blair, Whitman at Rockville
1986Sherwood at Rockville
1985Churchill at Rockville

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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series since 2000. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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100 Dash htRaynard BellJohn F. Kennedy201710.8
200 Dash htReginald SteelePaint Branch201022.58
400m DashYasin Abdur-RahimNorthwood201951.0
800m RunThierry Siewe YangaMontgomery Blair201701:56.0
1600m RunBaraka SilaNorthwood201904:32.6
3200m RunHenok EshetuNorthwood201910:06.1
110 Hurdles htMarcus PryorNorthwood201515.25
300m HurdlesPonce DeLeonMontgomery Blair201741.0
4x100m Relay2017 JFK_RelaysJohn F. Kennedy201743.9
4x200m Relay2017 JFK_RelaysJohn F. Kennedy201701:31.8
4x400m Relay2019 Blair_RelaysMontgomery Blair201903:37.6
4x800m Relay2019 Northwood_RelaysNorthwood201908:07.4
High JumpArnold EbiketieAlbert Einstein20155-08.00
DiscusNate BettsDamascus2011119-08.50
Triple JumpTony WuClarksburg200841-11.00
Shot PutAvery GrahamClarksburg200850-08.00
DiscusNate BettsDamascus2011119-08.50
100 Dash htMadison DepryWheaton201911.9
200 Dash htFelicia GrizzlePaint Branch201126.26
400m DashTamia HowardJohn F. Kennedy201860.6
800m RunMorgan CaseyMontgomery Blair201702:24.9
1600m RunJosephine Brane-WrightMontgomery Blair201705:23.2
3200m RunAllison MarellaDamascus201112:13.9
100 Hurdles htShaneil ThomasNorthwood201316.53
300m HurdlesNana LangaClarksburg200848.75
4x100m Relay2008 Clarksburg_RelaysClarksburg200850.79
4x200m Relay2017 Blair_RelaysMontgomery Blair201701:50.6
4x400m Relay2017 Blair_RelaysMontgomery Blair201704:17.7
4x800m Relay2008 Clarksburg_RelaysClarksburg200810:29.3
High JumpElise KinyanjuiMontgomery Blair20195-02.00
Long JumpWinona PeaceAlbert Einstein201516-06.50
Triple JumpWinona PeaceAlbert Einstein201434-03.00
Shot PutTurquoia JohnsonClarksburg200836-09.00
DiscusAnna UcheomumuAlbert Einstein2012116-01

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