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Mocorunning's XC rankings date back to the 2006 season.
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Most Weeks Ranked1

NameSchool    Grad Year    Weeks Ranked  

Gelila Hailemariam  Wheaton   2017    13  
Lauryn Bachman  Wheaton   2019    4  
Wendy Avelar  Wheaton   2007    3  
Sophie Jacobs  Wheaton   2027    3  
Denise Martinez  Wheaton   2025    1  


1The Most Weeks Ranked stat is based on the # of rankings published. It is not based on calendar weeks. It is not necessarily consecutive weeks. The number of rankings published each season varied. There are typically 10 to 11 rankings published each season.


Highest Ranked Athlete for This School2

NameSchool    Date    Peak Rank  

Gelila Hailemariam  Wheaton   11/09/2014    13  
Sophie Jacobs  Wheaton   11/12/2023    23  
Wendy Avelar  Wheaton   08/20/2006    58  
Denise Martinez  Wheaton   11/04/2023    58  
Lauryn Bachman  Wheaton   11/15/2016    58  


2The Highest Ranked Athlete for This School stat displays the highest peak ranking by an athlete for this school.


Highest Ranked Athlete for This School - Final Season Rankings3

NameSchool    Date    Rank  

Gelila Hailemariam  Wheaton   11/09/2014    20  
Sophie Jacobs  Wheaton   11/12/2023    30  
Gelila Hailemariam  Wheaton   11/15/2016    72  
Lauryn Bachman  Wheaton   11/15/2016    75  


3The Highest Ranked Athlete for This School - Final Season Ranking stat displays the highest end-of-season ranking by athletes for this school.


Highest Debut Ranking4

NameSchool    Date    Grade    Debut Rank  

Gelila Hailemariam  Wheaton   09/21/2014    10    22  
Sophie Jacobs  Wheaton   11/04/2023    9    25  
Denise Martinez  Wheaton   11/04/2023    11    58  
Lauryn Bachman  Wheaton   11/06/2016    10    68  


Highest Debut Ranking for Freshmen4

NameSchool    Date    Debut Rank  

Sophie Jacobs  Wheaton   11/04/2023    25  


4The Highest Debut Ranking stat shows the highest rankings at which individual athletes first appeared in the rankings. The original 2006 preseason rankings are excluded.


Highest All-Time Point Totals5

NameSchool    Date    Rank    Points  

Gelila Hailemariam  Wheaton   11/09/2014    20    195.2  
Sophie Jacobs  Wheaton   11/04/2023    25    140.0  


5Peak point total must be at least 100 points to appear here. The Highest All-Time Point Totals stat is not meant to infer a hierarchy of best runners. The point system evolves and cannot be compared across seasons. A high point total is always indicative of dominance over average varsity runners within any given season. Only the peak point total is shown for each athlete. The rank shown in this list is the rank at the time of the peak point total and not necessarily the peak ranking of that runner.


Most Athletes Ranked From One Team in a Week6

Year - Team    Week    # Athletes Ranked  

2016 Wheaton    Week 10   2  
2023 Wheaton    Week 10   2  
2006 Wheaton    Preseason   1  
2014 Wheaton    Week 3   1  
2015 Wheaton    Preseason   1  
2017 Wheaton    Preseason   1  
2024 Wheaton    Preseason   1  


6The Most Athletes Ranked From One Team in a Week identifies and ranks the teams that have had the most runners ranked simultaneously. A team may be listed once for each year. The earliest week in the season where the team achieved the most runners for the season is shown. Ties broken chronologically.


Greatest Individual Ranking Improvement in a Week7

Season / Week   Athlete   Grade    School    R1    R2    Rank Change  

2014   Week 5  Gelila Hailemariam   10    Wheaton    23    19    4  
2014   Week 9  Gelila Hailemariam   10    Wheaton    22    20    2  


7The Greatest Individual Ranking Improvement in a Week identifies and ranks the individuals with the greatest ranking improvement in a single week. The athlete must be ranked both weeks to be considered (excludes newly ranked runners). Excludes the ranking transition from final season rankings to the next preseason rankings. Ties broken chronologically.


Most Ranking Entries and Re-Entries8

NameSchool    Grad Year    Ranking Entries  


8Progress is not linear for everyone. These athletes had setbacks and kept working their way back onto the ranking at least two times after their initial debut. It is very common for athletes to fall off the rankings and get re-added later.


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