Enoch Owumi
John F. Kennedy
Class of 2017 (Update)
100 Dash ht05/11/2016Montgomery Co. Championship11.001
100 Dash ht05/11/2016Montgomery Co. Championship11.102
100m Dash05/07/2016Katie Jenkins Invitational10.962
100m Dash05/07/2016Katie Jenkins Invitational11.061
100m Dash05/19/20164A West Regional11.121
100m Dash05/19/20164A West Regional11.132
100m Dash05/27/20164A State Championship11.185
100m Dash05/27/20164A State Championship11.237
100m Dash04/30/2016Gator Invitational11.302
100m Dash04/19/2016Blair at Kennedy11.391
100m Dash04/30/2016Gator Invitational11.513
100m Dash04/12/2016Northwood, Wheaton at JFK11.571
100m Dash04/02/2016Crimson Tide Invitational11.7317
100m Dash04/01/2015Wheaton at Kennedy12.112
100m Dash03/24/2015Einstein, Blair at JFK12.143
200 Dash ht05/11/2016Montgomery Co. Championship22.401
200 Dash ht05/11/2016Montgomery Co. Championship22.801
200 Dash ht04/06/2016Kennedy at Einstein23.01
200m Dash05/07/2016Katie Jenkins Invitational22.371
200m Dash05/27/20164A State Championship22.373
200m Dash05/19/20164A West Regional22.461
200m Dash05/19/20164A West Regional22.493
200m Dash04/30/2016Gator Invitational22.712
200m Dash05/27/20164A State Championship22.926
200m Dash04/02/2016Crimson Tide Invitational23.1716
200m Dash04/01/2015Wheaton at Kennedy24.012
300m Dash12/05/2015MCPS Meet #138.659
300m Dash01/02/2016Southern MD Invitational38.7526
300m Dash01/20/2016Montgomery Co. TF Championship39.4526
300m Dash02/04/20164A West Regional40.9415
300m Dash12/06/2014MCPS Meet #141.3059
400m Dash05/07/2016Katie Jenkins Invitational53.0510
400m Dash04/19/2016Blair at Kennedy55.154
55 Dash ht12/05/2015MCPS Meet #16.64
55m Dash01/02/2016Southern MD Invitational6.9224
55m Dash01/02/2016Southern MD Invitational6.9936
55m Dash12/08/2015MCPS Meet #27.0114
55m Dash02/04/20164A West Regional7.039
55m Dash12/06/2014MCPS Meet #17.1627
55m Hurdles12/18/2015PG County Relays10.0818
Individual Titles
OT 2016Montgomery County100m Dash
OT 2016Montgomery County200m Dash
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