Cole Holland
Walter Johnson
Class of 2020 (Update)
200m Dash05/16/20194A West Regional25.1727
100m Dash05/16/20194A West Regional11.7916
100m Dash05/17/20184A West Regional12.2921
200 Dash ht04/17/2018B-CC and WJ at Wootton26.813
100 Dash ht04/17/2018B-CC and WJ at Wootton12.24
100 Dash ht03/28/2017B-CC, Wootton at WJ12.8015
200 Dash ht03/26/2019Churchill, BCC at WJ24.24
100 Dash ht03/26/2019Churchill, BCC at WJ11.87
100m Dash05/05/2018Katie Jenkins Invitational12.4117
200m Dash05/04/2019Katie Jenkins Invitational24.7417
100m Dash05/04/2019Katie Jenkins Invitational11.9614
100 Dash ht05/13/2017MCPS B Championship12.4836
200 Dash ht05/13/2017MCPS B Championship25.5129
100 Dash ht04/10/2018RM at Walter Johnson12.8014
200 Dash ht03/21/2017RM WJ at Churchill26.525
100 Dash ht03/21/2017RM WJ at Churchill12.217
400m Dash03/25/2017Screaming Eagles Invitational60.9111
100m Dash03/23/2019Urbana Relays12.1919
100m Dash04/14/2018Viking Invitational12.4831
200 Dash ht04/04/2018Walter Johnson at Churchill26.95
100 Dash ht04/04/2018Walter Johnson at Churchill12.611
100m Dash04/04/2017Whitman at Walter Johnson 12.8612
200m Dash05/01/2018Whitman at Walter Johnson26.747
100m Dash05/01/2018Whitman at Walter Johnson12.323
200m Dash04/04/2017Whitman at Walter Johnson 27.2713
200 Dash ht04/16/2019Wootton, Whitman at WJ24.785
100 Dash ht04/16/2019Wootton, Whitman at WJ12.2213
Individual Titles
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