Julie Aynes
Quince Orchard
Class of 2020 (Update)
Discus05/02/2017Northwest at Quince Orchard 035-1014
Discus03/22/2017Damascus, WM at QO036-0713
Discus04/23/2018NW and QO at Clarksburg038-0715
Discus04/10/2018Damascus, QO at WM039-048
Discus03/22/2019PV, CB at QO039-0916
Discus04/02/2019QO at Damascus040-0313
Discus04/30/2019SV at QO040-0912
Discus05/12/2018County B Championship041-0234
Discus04/16/2019QO, NW at WM042-0614
Discus04/18/2018Poolesville and SV at QO043-028
Shot Put03/22/2017Damascus, WM at QO12-04.0012
Shot Put05/02/2017Northwest at Quince Orchard 13-09.0013
Shot Put04/10/2018Damascus, QO at WM15-06.005
Shot Put04/23/2018NW and QO at Clarksburg16-06.2510
Shot Put04/02/2019QO at Damascus16-11.0010
Shot Put03/22/2019PV, CB at QO17-03.0015
Shot Put04/16/2019QO, NW at WM17-05.0013
Shot Put05/12/2018County B Championship17-06.5035
Shot Put04/07/2018Cougar Relays17-08.0024
Shot Put04/18/2018Poolesville and SV at QO18-02.005
Shot Put05/17/20184A West Regional18-02.7526
Shot Put05/05/2018Katie Jenkins Invitational18-03.2525
Shot Put04/30/2019SV at QO18-04.009
Individual Titles
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