Tam Koroye
Walter Johnson
Class of 2019 (Update)
200m Dash05/17/20184A West Regional24.5818
55m Dash02/07/20194A West Regional6.8815
100m Dash05/17/20184A West Regional12.3425
200m Dash05/16/20194A West Regional23.9516
200 Dash ht04/17/2018B-CC and WJ at Wootton25.27
100 Dash ht04/17/2018B-CC and WJ at Wootton12.89
300m Dash01/05/2019CNU Showcase39.4243
55m Dash01/05/2019CNU Showcase7.0430
55m Dash12/16/2017CNU Winter Frolic7.38116
55m Dash12/22/2018Dickinson Holiday Invite7.0514
300m Dash12/08/2018Ed Bowie Classic40.8069
200m Dash05/05/2018Katie Jenkins Invitational24.7014
200m Dash05/04/2019Katie Jenkins Invitational24.3113
60m Dash01/06/2018Kevin Dare Invitational7.7936
55m Dash01/06/2018Kevin Dare Invitational7.25c36
200m Dash04/20/2018Knights Invitational25.0923
55m Dash12/17/2018MC-AA-BCo Meet #27.0717
200m Dash05/09/2018MCPS Championship24.8032
55m Dash12/05/2017MCPS Meet #17.6896
300m Dash01/16/2019Montgomery Co. Championship39.0119
100m Dash05/08/2019Montgomery Co. Championship11.8423
55m Dash01/16/2019Montgomery Co. Championship6.9720
55m Dash01/12/2019Montgomery Invitational6.9947
200 Dash ht04/10/2018RM at Walter Johnson25.5015
100 Dash ht04/10/2018RM at Walter Johnson13.0217
100m Dash03/23/2019Urbana Relays12.2925
200m Dash04/13/2019Viking Invitational24.1812
200 Dash ht04/04/2018Walter Johnson at Churchill26.34
100 Dash ht04/04/2018Walter Johnson at Churchill12.58
200m Dash05/01/2018Whitman at Walter Johnson24.753
100m Dash05/01/2018Whitman at Walter Johnson12.414
200 Dash ht04/03/2019WJ at R. Montgomery23.64
100 Dash ht04/03/2019WJ at R. Montgomery11.63
200 Dash ht04/16/2019Wootton, Whitman at WJ23.943
100 Dash ht04/16/2019Wootton, Whitman at WJ11.979
Individual Titles
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