Brandon Walker
Class of 2019 (Update)
Long Jump04/10/2018Seneca Valley at Northwest15-10.0010
High Jump04/10/2018Seneca Valley at Northwest5-00.007
100 Dash ht04/10/2018Seneca Valley at Northwest11.40
100 Dash ht04/17/2018Watkins Mill at Northwest11.658
100 Dash ht04/23/2018NW and QO at Clarksburg11.05
200 Dash ht04/23/2018NW and QO at Clarksburg22.93
100 Dash ht05/12/2018County B Championship10.901
100 Dash ht05/12/2018County B Championship11.22
200m Dash05/17/20184A West Regional23.959
200m Dash05/17/20184A West Regional23.639
100 Dash ht03/26/2019Damascus, SV at NW11.83
100 Dash ht04/02/2019Clarksburg at Northwest12.36
100m Dash04/06/2019Trojan Invitational11.9737
200m Dash04/06/2019Trojan Invitational24.2920
Individual Titles
OT 2018Montgomery County JV100m Dash
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