Samantha Griffith
Quince Orchard
Class of 2013

MoCoRunning XC Ranking Progression

2010 Wk710/17/20106415.5
2010 Wk610/12/20106015.5
2010 Wk510/02/2010
2010 Wk409/26/2010
2010 Wk209/14/2010
2010 Wk109/06/2010
2010 Preseason11/15/2009

Samantha Griffith
XC Results Sorted by Date
5000m XC10/20/2012Montgomery Co. Championship22:33.5319
5000m XC10/09/2012Quince Orchard at Churchill22:46.5027
3 Mile XC10/04/2012Coyote XC Invitational23:0130
5000m XC10/02/2012Quince Orchard at Wootton24:44.0022
5000m XC09/28/2012Paul Short Run23:21320
5000m XC09/22/2012Oatlands Invitational25:25277
5000m XC09/19/2012B-CC and QO at Sherwood24:5334
5000m XC09/11/2012Quince Orchard at Whitman24:41.5119
5000m XC11/03/20114A West Regional24:10.273
5000m XC10/22/2011Montgomery Co. Championship21:54.966
5000m XC10/11/2011QO Homecoming Invitational24:0125
5000m XC10/04/2011QO, Churchill @ Sherwood23:11.9420
5000m XC09/30/2011Paul Short Run22:14250
5000m XC09/20/2011TSW, NW @ QO24:36.926
5000m XC09/17/2011Oatlands Invitational23:08232
5000m XC09/13/2011QO @ WJ23:557
5000m XC09/03/2011Peter Geraghty Invitational22:06.5077
3 Mile XC11/13/20103A State Championship23:4587
5000m XC11/04/20103A West Region Championship24:08.9921
5000m XC10/23/2010Montgomery Co. Championship21:59.7177
5000m XC10/09/2010Glory Days Invitational21:43132
5000m XC10/05/2010B-CC, QO at Gaithersburg21:09.89
5000m XC10/01/2010Paul Short Run21:4052
5000m XC09/28/2010Quince Orchard at RM22:3712
3 Mile XC09/25/2010Bull Run Invitational24:3887
5000m XC09/21/2010QO, Magruder at Landon23:5010
5000m XC09/15/2010Sherwood at Quince Orchard24:3713
5000m XC09/10/2010Magruder Invitational22:56.860
5000m XC09/04/2010Peter Geraghty Invitational23:03.6987
3 Mile XC11/14/2009MD State Championship25:2598
5000m XC11/05/20093A West Regional24:3033
5000m XC10/24/2009Montgomery Co. Championship24:14101
5000m XC10/13/2009QO, RM @ Gaithersburg22:4614
3 Mile XC10/10/2009Glory Days Invitational22:58124
5000m XC10/02/2009Paul Short Run23:23199
3 Mile XC09/26/2009Bull Run Invitational24:5475
5000m XC09/22/2009Blair at QO25:25.4512
5000m XC09/15/2009QO at B-CC24:3820

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