Marie Caspard
Bethesda Chevy Chase
Class of 2016

MoCoRunning XC Ranking Progression

2015 Final11/15/20156246.9
2015 Wk1011/07/20156146.9
2015 Wk911/01/20155746.9
2015 Wk810/25/20154867.6
2015 Wk710/19/20155167.6
2015 Wk610/11/20155457.2
2015 Wk510/04/20156049.8
2015 Wk409/27/20157131.9
2015 Wk309/20/20156450.7
2015 Wk209/13/20154868.8
2015 Preseason11/09/20143668.8
2014 Final11/09/20145368.8
2014 Wk911/01/20145373.1
2014 Wk810/26/20144786.9
2014 Wk710/19/20144786.9
2014 Wk610/12/20144295.1
2014 Wk510/05/201433113.3
2014 Wk409/28/201433113.3
2014 Wk309/21/201438105.1
2014 Wk209/14/201430119.8
2014 Wk109/07/201423139.1
2014 Preseason11/10/201319139.1
2013 Final11/10/201327163.7
2013 Wk911/03/201329158.3
2013 Wk710/20/201328158.3
2013 Wk610/14/201329143.8
2013 Wk510/06/201333138.2
2013 Wk409/29/201333130.7
2013 Wk309/22/201334119.7
2013 Wk209/15/201333100.7
2013 Wk109/08/201332100.7
2013 Preseason11/11/201233100.7
2012 Final11/11/201243100.7
2012 Wk911/04/20124794.5
2012 Wk810/28/20124783.8
2012 Wk710/21/20124883.8
2012 Wk610/14/201239108.8
2012 Wk510/07/201239108.8
2012 Wk409/30/201238108.8
2012 Wk309/23/20124497.0
2012 Wk209/16/2012
2012 Wk109/09/2012
2012 Preseason11/13/2011

Marie Caspard
XC Results Sorted by Date
5000m XC11/21/2015Battle of the Potomac23:1210
5000m XC10/26/2015MoCo XC Championship20:45.353
5000m XC10/15/2015Coyote Run20:59.915
5000m XC10/10/2015Glory Days Invitational21:04106
5000m XC10/06/2015Einstein, B-CC at Churchill21:12.107
5000m XC09/29/2015RM Whitman at B-CC20:50.911
3 Mile XC09/26/2015Bull Run Invitational22:1265
5000m XC09/19/2015Adidas XC Challenge21:05.0137
5000m XC09/15/2015B-CC at Walter Johnson21:12.1010
5000m XC11/29/2014NXN Southeast Regional20:34.523
3 Mile XC11/08/20144A State Championship21:41.167
5000m XC10/30/20144A West Regional21:02.3044
5000m XC10/18/2014Montgomery Co. Championship21:02.2446
5000m XC10/11/2014Glory Days Invitational21:1677
5000m XC10/07/2014B-CC at Poolesville20:359
5000m XC09/27/2014DC XC Invitational20:5832
5000m XC09/23/2014Woot, B-CC, HA at Landon21:19.465
5000m XC09/20/2014Adidas XC Challenge20:41.5120
5000m XC09/16/2014B-CC, RM at WJ20:56.8413
3 Mile XC09/13/2014Track n Trail Invitational20:24.320
5000m XC09/10/2014Whitman at B-CC21:06.811
5000m XC11/30/2013NXN SE Championship19:39.185
5000m XC11/23/2013Battle of the Potomac21:0713
5000m XC11/09/2013Maryland State Championship 20:16.731
5000m XC10/19/2013MCPS Championship 20:0221
5000m XC10/09/2013WJ, B-CC at Wootton20:59.007
5000m XC10/01/2013Coyote Run 20:2612
5000m XC09/26/2013Quince Orchard at B-CC20:06.197
5000m XC09/24/2013Sherwood at B-CC20:48.606
5000m XC09/21/2013Adidas XC Challenge 20:18.272
5000m XC09/18/2013B-CC at Albert Einstein21:08.007
5000m XC11/24/2012NXN Southeast20:04.00136
5000m XC11/17/2012Battle of the Potomac 721:4532
3 Mile XC11/10/20124A State Championship21:21.744
3 Mile XC11/01/20124A West Regional19:5826
5000m XC10/20/2012MoCo Championship21:15.511
5000m XC09/28/2012Paul Short Run20:3597
5000m XC09/22/2012Oatlands Invitational23:31202
5000m XC09/19/2012B-CC and QO at Sherwood21:4211

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