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2022Clarksburg at Magruder
2022Poolesville at Magruder
2021Blake, Wheaton, WM at Mag
2021Poolesville at Magruder
2021QO at Magruder
2019Watkins Mill at Magruder
2019Blake, Rockville, SV at Mag
2018JFK, Rockville, WM at Mag
2018JFK, SV, Wheaton at Mag
20176-Team at Magruder
2016Kennedy, Rockville at Magruder
2016Watkins Mill at Magruder
2015Damascus, WM, SV at Mag
2014Rock, Dam, Wheat at Mag
2014SV at Magruder
2013Springbrook at Magruder
2012RM, WJ at Magruder
2011DAM, WW, B-CC @ Magruder
2010Sherwood, B-CC at Magruder
2009Springbrook at Magruder
2009CB, Rville @ Mag
2008Damascus, Wootton at Magruder
2007Damascus @ Magruder
2007Blair @ Magruder
2006Wootton Blair @ Magruder
2006Magruder Watermelon Scrimmage
2005Blair, Damascus, PB, Magruder
2005Magruder Scrimmage
2003Gaithersburg vs. Magruder
2002NW, Gburg, Magruder, Churchill
1998Gaithersburg vs. Magruder
1997Magruder 4-Way Meet
1994Pool, Gburg, WM at Mag
1994Sher, Dam, Pool at Magruder
1993Pool, Damascus at Magruder
1993Rockville, WM at Magruder
1991Damascus, Pool at Magruder
1991Watkins Mill at Magruder
1990RM, Rockville at Magruder
1989Sherwood at Magruder
1987RM at Magruder
1986Damascus at Magruder
1986Sherwood, WJ at Magruder
1983Poolesville, Damascus at Magruder
1981PB, Damascus at Magruder
1972Einstein at Magruder
1971Einstein, Poolesville at Magruder

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Montgomery County Top Performances

The following is an automated database query for the best Montgomery County performances from this meet series from 2000 to 2019. Query does not constitute official meet records. Ties broken by oldest performance.

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5000m XCJackson ReamsSherwood201016:13
5000m XCJessie RubinThomas S. Wootton200819:05.1

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