Clare Severe
Walt Whitman
Class of 2015 (Update)
1000m Run01/31/2015Virginia Tech Invitational03:00.2310
1600m Run05/08/2013MoCo Championship04:57.231
1600m Run05/23/20154A State Championship04:58.481
1600m Run05/07/2015MoCo Championship05:00.591
1600m Run05/14/20154A West Regional05:02.591
1600m Run05/16/20134A West Championship05:04.311
1600m Run04/27/2013Cassel's XBC Track Experience05:04.972
1600m Run05/25/20134A State Championship05:05.341
1600m Run01/11/2014Montgomery Invitational05:06.10c2
1600m Run02/07/20134A West Regional05:06.421
1600m Run05/16/20144A West Regional05:06.842
1600m Run04/15/2015Whitman at R. Montgomery05:07.001
1600m Run05/16/20124A West Region05:07.101
1600m Run01/31/2014Virginia Tech Invitational05:07.69c8
1600m Run01/12/2013Montgomery Invitational05:08.89c3
1600m Run04/16/2013B-CC and Churchill at Whitman05:10.142
1600m Run02/19/20134A State Championship05:10.231
1600m Run04/20/2013Viking Invitational05:11.042
1600m Run04/05/2014Coyote Invitational05:13.701
1600m Run04/28/2012Cassel's XBC Experience05:18.341
1600m Run02/06/20144A West Regional05:19.972
1600m Run03/25/2014WJ, Wootton at Whitman05:20.191
1600m Run12/11/2012MCPS Meet #105:27.041
1600m Run04/21/2012Viking Invitational05:31.0212
1600m Run12/13/2011MCPS Meet #105:33.576
200 Dash ht03/24/2015Whitman at Churchill27.61
200m Dash03/31/2015Wootton, WJ at Whitman27.922
3200m Run03/31/2015Wootton, WJ at Whitman11:33.142
3200m Run04/23/2013Wootton, Whitman at WJ11:34.561
3200m Run04/16/2013B-CC and Churchill at Whitman11:56.081
3200m Run03/27/2012Wootton, Gaithersburg at Whitman11:59.002
400m Dash04/21/2015Whitman at B-CC59.71
400m Dash04/02/2014Whitman at RM61.202
400m Dash03/24/2015Whitman at Churchill61.41
800m Run05/16/20144A West Regional02:14.351
800m Run05/24/20144A State Championship02:14.541
800m Run05/07/2015MoCo Championship02:14.821
800m Run02/23/20153A-4A State Championship02:15.301
800m Run05/14/20154A West Regional02:16.171
800m Run05/25/20134A State Championship02:17.271
800m Run02/18/20144A State Championship02:18.831
800m Run05/01/2014Whitman, B-CC at Churchill02:18.901
800m Run05/23/20154A State Championship02:19.032
800m Run02/05/20154A West Regional02:19.541
800m Run05/09/2012MCPS Championship02:19.772
800m Run04/21/2012Viking Invitational02:19.884
800m Run05/16/20134A West Championship02:20.051
800m Run01/10/2015Montgomery Invitational02:20.071
800m Run05/07/2014Montgomery Co. Championship02:20.391
800m Run05/16/20124A West Region02:20.803
800m Run12/09/2014MCPS Meet #202:21.441
800m Run02/07/20134A West Regional02:21.572
800m Run01/11/2014Montgomery Invitational02:23.147
800m Run02/06/20144A West Regional02:23.351
800m Run03/23/2012Coyote Invitational02:24.611
800m Run02/19/20134A State Championship02:25.766
800m Run01/23/2012Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:26.735
800m Run12/11/2012MCPS Meet #102:28.492
800m Run12/13/2011MCPS Meet #102:31.334
Mile Run01/11/2014Montgomery Invitational05:07.882
Mile Run01/31/2014Virginia Tech Invitational05:09.488
Mile Run01/12/2013Montgomery Invitational05:10.693
Individual Titles
IT 20134A West Region1600m Run
IT 20134A State1600m Run
IT 20144A West Region800m Run
IT 20144A State800m Run
IT 20154A West Region800m Run
IT 20154A State800m Run
OT 20124A West Region1600m Run
OT 2013Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 20134A West Region1600m Run
OT 20134A West Region800m Run
OT 20134A State800m Run
OT 20134A State1600m Run
OT 2014Montgomery County800m Run
OT 20144A West Region800m Run
OT 20144A State800m Run
OT 2015Montgomery County800m Run
OT 2015Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 20154A West Region800m Run
OT 20154A West Region1600m Run
OT 20154A State1600m Run
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