Jon Constantinides
Class of 2010 (Update)
1600m Racewalk03/22/2010Screaming Eagle Invitational10:312
1600m Run12/27/2008Mountain Express Meet04:44.543
1600m Run03/31/2009QO @ Damascus04:451
1600m Run03/22/2010Screaming Eagle Invitational04:46.293
1600m Run03/25/2009Damascus @ PB04:482
1600m Run05/04/2007Katie Jenkins Invitational04:51.216
1600m Run02/17/20093A State Championship04:51.488
1600m Run05/14/20083A West Regional04:54.0216
1600m Run03/21/2007Damascus WJ at Wheaton04:55.93
1600m Run04/18/2009Harry Green Invitational04:56.108
1600m Run01/17/2009Dickinson Invitational #204:57.227
1600m Run02/04/20093A West Regional05:00.401
1600m Run04/01/2008PB @ Damascus05:04.001
1600m Run03/28/2007Damascus at B-CC05:07.65
1600m Run04/16/2007Church WM at Dam05:07.63
1600m Run12/16/2006Smithsburg Invitational05:12.214
1600m Run03/24/2010Rockville @ Damascus05:144
1600m Run01/22/2008Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:21.6130
2.5 Mile XC10/11/2008Manhattan Invitational14:03.2469
2.5 Mile XC10/13/2007Manhattan Invitational14:40.1100
3 Mile XC09/13/2008Spiked Shoe Invitational16:34.012
3 Mile XC09/20/2008William & Mary Invitational17:1715
3 Mile XC09/05/2009Interstate Classic17:51.439
3 Mile XC09/19/2007Mountain Run Invitational17:51.8016
3 Mile XC09/16/2009Mountain Run18:01.8523
3 Mile XC11/08/2008Maryland State Championship18:0831
3 Mile XC11/10/20073A State Championship18:2448
3 Mile XC11/14/2009MD State Championship18:5751
300m Dash12/06/2008Hoco/Moco Challenge38.9512
3200m Run04/16/2007Church WM at Dam11:08.63
3200m Run04/15/2008Poolesville, Dam @ QO11:09.06
3200m Run05/16/20074A West Regional11:12.722
400m Dash05/13/20093A West Regional49.923
400m Dash04/27/2010Mag, Einstein @ Damascus51.002
400m Dash05/01/2010Hornet Invitational51.547
400m Dash05/23/2009MD State Championship52.8113
400m Dash04/18/2009Harry Green Invitational53.234
400m Dash12/05/2009Delaware Invitational53.622
400m Dash03/21/2009Seneca Valley Invitational54.92
400m Dash05/10/2008County B Championship55.707
400m Dash05/09/2009MoCo B Championship60.8036
5000m XC09/26/2007B-CC, Woot @ Damascus17:138
5000m XC10/18/2008Montgomery Co. Championship17:21.0257
5000m XC10/01/2008Tidewater Fall Classic17:2513
5000m XC10/24/2009MoCo XC Championship17:3034
5000m XC10/07/2008Damascus, Wootton at Magruder 17:30.147
5000m XC10/20/2007MoCo Championship17:39.6555
5000m XC09/29/2007Oatlands Invitational Boys17:44.3215
5000m XC09/30/2009Dam, Whit @ Sherwood17:46.003
5000m XC09/26/2009PG County Invitational17:48.010
5000m XC10/02/2007Damascus @ Magruder17:52.004
5000m XC10/21/2006MoCo XC Championship17:54.164
5000m XC09/23/2008Damascus at Gaithersburg 17:558
5000m XC09/05/2007St. Johns Invitational18:03.507
5000m XC11/05/20093A West Regional18:1221
5000m XC10/30/20083A West Regional18:14.7014
5000m XC09/05/2008Douglas Eagle Invitational18:15.76
5000m XC09/11/2009Howard County Invitational18:18.8329
5000m XC09/11/2007Blair, Dam @ Gburg 18:209
5000m XC09/10/2008Sherwood at Damascus 18:2313
5000m XC11/02/20064A West Regional18:42.960
5000m XC11/01/20073A West Regional18:49.025
5000m XC09/19/2006Einstein @ Damascus19:1010
5000m XC09/30/2006Oatlands Invitational19:19.5122
5000m XC09/27/2006Dam, WM, Springbrook @ Poolesville19:2510
5000m XC10/17/2009Georgetown Prep Fall Classic19:3324
5000m XC10/04/2006Damascus @ Paint Branch19:499
5000m XC09/09/2006Spiked Shoe Invitational20:08.39
500m Dash02/17/20103A West Regional01:08.392
500m Dash01/25/2010Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:08.452
500m Dash02/23/20103A State Championship01:09.194
500m Dash12/11/2009Warrior Invitational01:10.942
500m Dash12/11/2009Warrior Invitational01:10.942
500m Dash01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:14.5116
800m Run05/19/20103A West Region01:57.401
800m Run05/28/20103A State Championship01:57.725
800m Run02/17/20103A West Regional02:00.362
800m Run05/13/20093A West Regional02:00.912
800m Run01/13/2010DCIAA Invitational02:01.102
800m Run05/23/2009MD State Championship02:02.2411
800m Run02/23/20103A State Championship02:02.715
800m Run03/24/2010Rockville @ Damascus02:03.001
800m Run03/25/2009Damascus @ PB02:03.41
800m Run12/13/2008Howard County Winter Trackfest02:03.502
800m Run05/16/20074A West Regional02:04.5618
800m Run05/09/2007Montgomery County B Meet02:04.81
800m Run01/25/2010Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:05.306
800m Run05/09/2009MoCo B Championship02:05.402
800m Run05/12/2010MoCo Championship02:06.1316
800m Run05/14/20083A West Regional02:06.8911
800m Run04/26/2008Zonis Invitational02:07.53
800m Run12/27/2008Mountain Express Meet02:07.813
800m Run02/17/20093A State Championship02:08.168
800m Run04/27/2010Mag, Einstein @ Damascus02:104
800m Run02/04/20093A West Regional02:10.302
800m Run02/21/20083A West Regional Meet02:10.547
800m Run04/29/2007FSK Invitational02:10.64
800m Run05/10/2008County B Championship02:11.206
800m Run12/16/2006Smithsburg Invitational02:11.47
800m Run03/31/2009QO @ Damascus02:123
800m Run03/21/2009Seneca Valley Invitational02:126
800m Run02/20/20073A/4A West Regional02:12.616
800m Run04/01/2008PB @ Damascus02:15.002
800m Run04/15/2008Poolesville, Dam @ QO02:15.55
Individual Titles
IT 20093A West Region1600m Run
OT 2007Montgomery County JV800m Run
OT 20103A West Region800m Run
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