Udeme Akpaete
Class of 2012 (Update)
300m Dash02/23/20114A State Championship40.733
300m Dash01/23/2012Montgomery Co. TF Championship40.821
300m Dash02/10/20114A West Region41.112
300m Dash02/21/20124A State Championship41.145
300m Dash12/28/2011MCPS Meet #241.551
300m Dash12/13/2011MCPS Meet #141.652
300m Dash01/24/2011Montgomery Co. TF Championship41.823
300m Dash02/09/20124A West Regional43.733
300m Dash12/06/2008Hoco/Moco Challenge49.2322
400m Dash03/09/2012NB Indoor Nationals55.965
400m Dash03/09/2012NB Indoor Nationals56.031
400m Dash05/13/20094A West Regional57.503
400m Dash03/11/2011NB Indoor Nationals57.5516
400m Dash05/06/2009MoCo Championship59.526
400m Dash05/23/2009MD State Championship59.6512
400m Dash04/01/2009RM @ Springbrook60.31
400m Dash05/02/2009Katie Jenkins Invitational60.561
400m Dash01/09/2010Montgomery Invitational62.0814
400m Dash03/21/2009Seneca Valley Invitational65.03
500m Dash02/21/20124A State Championship01:14.562
500m Dash02/23/20114A State Championship01:15.271
500m Dash01/23/2012Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:16.401
500m Dash02/10/20114A West Region01:17.662
500m Dash02/23/20104A State Championship01:17.734
500m Dash12/13/2011MCPS Meet #101:18.311
500m Dash01/24/2011Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:18.522
500m Dash01/25/2010Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:18.672
500m Dash12/28/2011MCPS Meet #201:18.731
500m Dash02/09/20124A West Regional01:20.151
500m Dash02/11/20094A West Regional01:21.706
500m Dash02/17/20104A West Regional01:22.02
500m Dash01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:22.416
500m Dash12/22/2010Developmental 101:29.5112
55m Dash01/23/2012Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.505
55m Dash12/28/2011MCPS Meet #27.563
55m Dash01/23/2012Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.607
55m Dash02/10/20114A West Region7.7210
55m Dash01/24/2011Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.7216
55m Dash12/13/2011MCPS Meet #17.738
55m Dash02/09/20124A West Regional7.755
55m Dash02/09/20124A West Regional7.848
800m Run05/02/2009Katie Jenkins Invitational02:24.811
800m Run05/13/20094A West Regional02:25.907
800m Run05/06/2009MoCo Championship02:26.314
800m Run03/21/2009Seneca Valley Invitational02:281
800m Run01/09/2010Montgomery Invitational02:29.1511
800m Run01/25/2010Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:29.327
800m Run02/11/20094A West Regional02:30.198
800m Run04/01/2009RM @ Springbrook02:341
800m Run01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:35.5413
800m Run02/17/20104A West Regional02:36.07
Mile Run01/28/2012Last Track to Philly05:45.718
Individual Titles
IT 20114A State500m Dash
IT 2012Montgomery County500m Dash
IT 2012Montgomery County300m Dash
IT 20124A West Region500m Dash
IT 2012All American400m Dash
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