Andi Sunshine
Walt Whitman
Class of 2009

MoCoRunning XC Ranking Progression

2008 Final11/09/20086330.0
2008 Wk911/02/2008
2008 Wk810/26/2008
2008 Wk710/21/2008
2008 Wk610/12/2008
2008 Wk510/05/2008
2008 Wk409/28/20085512.0
2008 Wk309/21/20085017.8
2008 Wk209/14/20084127.3
2008 Wk109/07/20082852.3
2008 Preseason11/12/20072552.3
2007 Final11/12/20074552.3
2007 Wk911/03/20074552.1
2007 Wk710/21/20074556.1
2007 Wk610/14/20074264.3
2007 Wk510/07/20074258.0
2007 Wk409/30/20074258.0
2007 Wk309/22/2007
2007 Wk209/16/2007
2007 Wk109/09/2007
2007 Preseason08/30/2007

Andi Sunshine
XC Results Sorted by Date
3 Mile XC11/08/2008Maryland State Championship22:3077
5000m XC10/30/20084A West Regional22:23.3638
5000m XC10/18/2008Montgomery Co. Championship21:24.1954
2.5 Mile XC10/11/2008Manhattan Invitational19:14.0983
5000m XC10/03/2008Paul Short Run22:4437
5000m XC10/01/2008Whitman at B-CC22:5411
5000m XC09/23/2008Northwest Whitman at Landon 22:2811
5000m XC09/20/2008Oatlands Invitational22:04138
5000m XC09/16/2008Whitman at Churchill22:43.0012
5000m XC09/10/2008QO and WJ at Whitman22:5512
3 Mile XC11/10/20074A State Championship22:0666
5000m XC11/01/20074A West Regional21:57.032
5000m XC10/20/2007Montgomery Co. Championship21:18.7334
2.5 Mile XC10/13/2007Manhattan Invitational17:06.7156
5000m XC09/29/2007Oatlands Invitational Girls22:00.96102
5000m XC09/25/2007RM, Sher, Whit @ NW23:28.5015
5000m XC09/11/2007QO @ Whitman22:4111
5000m XC09/08/2007Peter Geraghty Invitational22:34.9041
5000m XC11/02/20064A West Regional22:47.155
5000m XC10/21/2006Montgomery Co. Championship22:19.558
5000m XC10/10/2006Northwest @ Whitman24:00:0018
5000m XC09/30/2006Oatlands Invitational23:14.9127
5000m XC09/26/2006RM Whitman @ QO23:43.019
5000m XC09/19/2006Sherwood @ Whitman23:448
5000m XC09/13/2006Whitman @ WJ23:5614
5000m XC09/09/2006Peter Geraghty Invitational24:00.267
5000m XC10/11/2005Whitman, B-CC @ QO24:13.0020
5000m XC10/05/2005Gaithersburg, WJ, Wootton at WW24:1226
5000m XC09/24/2005Spiked Shoe Invitational23:0625

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