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Marcus Wyche
Paint Branch
Class of 2006 (Update/Correct)
200 Dash ht2006-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship22.63
200 Dash ht2005-05-213A West Regional23.13
200 Dash ht2005-04-09Falcon Invitational23.12
200 Dash ht2004-05-06Montgomery Co. Championship23.4319
200 Dash ht2004-05-193A West Regional23.65
200 Dash ht2005-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship23.77
200 Dash ht2005-04-09Falcon Invitational24.18
200m Dash2005-05-26Maryland Outdoor State Meet22.669
200m Dash2006-05-273A State Championship22.9710
200m Dash2006-05-173A West Regional23.071
200m Dash2006-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship23.214
200m Dash2006-05-173A West Regional23.222
200m Dash2004-05-01Gator Invitational23.3711
200m Dash2006-03-30Metro Run and Walk Invitational23.415
200m Dash2004-12-18Howard County Winterfest23.464
200m Dash2006-05-173A West Regional23.471
200m Dash2004-04-17Jaguar Invitational23.5310
200m Dash2004-05-01Gator Invitational24.1413
300m Dash2006-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship35.41
300m Dash2006-02-20Indoor State Championship35.522
300m Dash2006-01-26Virginia Tech Invitational35.8611
300m Dash2005-02-143A/4A West Regional36.212
300m Dash2005-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship36.533
300m Dash2005-01-29Virginia Tech Invitational38.1736
300m Dash2006-02-073A/4A West Regional38.63
400m Dash2006-03-11Nike Indoor Nationals49.724
400m Dash2005-05-10Montgomery Co. Championship49.92
400m Dash2005-05-213A West Regional50.01
400m Dash2006-05-11Montgomery Co. Championship50.0h2
400m Dash2006-05-173A West Regional50.161
400m Dash2006-05-273A State Championship50.196
400m Dash2005-05-26Maryland Outdoor State Meet50.416
400m Dash2006-03-30Metro Run and Walk Invitational50.535
400m Dash2005-05-06Howard Co Track Classic50.702
400m Dash2005-04-02Seahawk Invitational50.701
400m Dash2006-03-11Nike Indoor Nationals50.718
400m Dash2005-04-09Falcon Invitational50.91
400m Dash2005-04-17Freddie Hendricks Track Fest50.966
400m Dash2006-01-14Montgomery Invitational51.067
400m Dash2005-03-13Nike Indoor Nationals51.9024
400m Dash2005-12-17Howard County Winter Trackfest51.933
400m Dash2005-01-08Montgomery Invitational54.8834
500m Dash2006-02-20Indoor State Championship01:06.794
500m Dash2005-02-143A/4A West Regional01:07.202
500m Dash2005-02-21MD Indoor State Meet01:07.426
500m Dash2006-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:07.602
500m Dash2006-02-073A/4A West Regional01:13.21
Triple Jump2004-03-27Cougar Relays36-10.5012
Triple Jump2003-05-153A West Regional37-07.5010
Individual Titles

IT 2006Montgomery County300m Dash
IT 20063A/4A West Region500m Dash
OT 20063A West Region400m Dash
OT 20063A West Region200m Dash
OT 20053A West Region400m Dash
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