Brittanie Morris
John F. Kennedy
Class of 2010 (Update)
100 Dash ht04/11/2007Mag Spring at JFK12.382
100 Dash ht04/08/2008B-CC, JFK @ Churchill13.22
100 Dash ht04/02/2008Wheaton @ JFK13.32
100 Dash ht03/31/2007Loyola Invitational13.411
100 Dash ht03/21/2007Kennedy Sherwood at Wootton13.65
100 Hurdles ht04/14/2010WJ, JFK @ Wootton16.104
100m Dash05/16/20073A west Regional13.226
100m Dash05/08/2008Montgomery Co. Championship13.3214
100m Dash05/10/2007Montgomery Co. Championship13.3616
100m Dash04/18/2009Urbana Invitational13.386
100m Dash04/18/2009Urbana Invitational13.457
100m Dash05/16/20073A west Regional13.567
100m Dash05/05/2007HoCo Spring Classic13.618
100m Hurdles05/28/20103A State Championship16.007
100m Hurdles05/19/20103A West Region16.112
100m Hurdles05/28/20103A State Championship16.278
100m Hurdles05/19/20103A West Region16.483
100m Hurdles03/27/2010Legard Scudieri Relays17.677
100m Hurdles05/12/2010MoCo Championship17.7719
200 Dash ht05/14/20083A West Regional26.96
200 Dash ht05/14/20083A West Regional27.412
200 Dash ht03/21/2007Kennedy Sherwood at Wootton27.81
200 Dash ht04/11/2007Mag Spring at JFK28.13
200m Dash05/03/2008Howard County Track Classic27.318
200m Dash05/10/2007Montgomery Co. Championship27.3916
200m Dash05/16/20073A west Regional27.458
200m Dash05/16/20073A west Regional27.467
200m Dash04/19/2008Urbana Hawks Relays27.546
200m Dash05/14/20083A West Regional27.586
200m Dash04/19/2008Urbana Hawks Relays28.257
200m Dash05/05/2007HoCo Spring Classic28.5616
3 Mile XC11/14/2009MD State Championship26:09119
300m Dash01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship44.4511
300m Dash02/21/20083A West Regional Meet44.6610
300m Dash01/22/2008Montgomery Co. TF Championship45.1810
300m Dash12/06/2008Hoco/Moco Challenge46.4312
300m Dash02/19/20072a/3a West Regional46.7419
300m Hurdles05/19/20103A West Region46.232
300m Hurdles04/14/2010WJ, JFK @ Wootton47.001
300m Hurdles05/28/20103A State Championship47.026
300m Hurdles05/13/20093A West Regional47.502
300m Hurdles05/12/2010MoCo Championship47.604
300m Hurdles05/06/2009MoCo Championship48.447
300m Hurdles05/01/2010Hornet Invitational48.794
300m Hurdles04/28/2009WJ @ JFK49.51
300m Hurdles05/23/2009MD State Championship49.5411
300m Hurdles05/02/2009Howard County Track Classic50.353
300m Hurdles04/10/2010Woodward Relays51.014
400m Dash03/25/2009JFK, Sherwood @ B-CC61.802
400m Dash04/18/2009Urbana Invitational62.183
400m Dash01/09/2010Montgomery Invitational62.2817
400m Dash01/10/2009Montgomery Invitational62.7521
400m Dash12/13/2008Howard County Winter Trackfest65.4826
5000m XC11/05/20093A West Regional23:4724
5000m XC09/30/2009Northwood at Kennedy23:472
5000m XC10/24/2009MoCo XC Championship23:5698
5000m XC09/11/2009Magruder Invitational24:02.0086
5000m XC09/15/2009Kennedy at Paint Branch24:093
5000m XC10/14/2009DCC Championship24:3911
5000m XC10/07/2009SV, Wheaton, JFK @ WM24:48:001
5000m XC09/23/2009Blake at Kennedy25:043
500m Dash01/25/2010Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:22.357
500m Dash02/23/20103A State Championship01:22.577
500m Dash02/17/20103A West Regional01:24.324
500m Dash02/04/20093A West Regional01:29.702
55m Dash02/21/20083A West Regional Meet7.727
55m Dash02/21/20083A West Regional Meet7.739
55m Dash01/10/2009Montgomery Invitational7.7424
55m Dash02/19/20072a/3a West Regional7.757
55m Dash01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.8013
55m Dash02/19/20072a/3a West Regional7.8010
55m Dash01/12/2008Montgomery Invitational7.8853
55m Dash01/13/2007Montgomery Invitational7.8854
55m Dash01/22/2008Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.9114
55m Dash02/04/20093A West Regional7.963
55m Dash01/22/2007Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.9715
55m Dash02/04/20093A West Regional7.975
55m Dash01/05/2008Southern Maryland Invitational9.20100
55m Hurdles01/25/2010Montgomery Co. TF Championship10.2921
55m Hurdles01/09/2010Montgomery Invitational11.8044
Long Jump04/01/2009Churchill @ Kennedy11-10.004
Long Jump03/25/2009JFK, Sherwood @ B-CC12-05.004
Long Jump03/28/2009Cougar Relays14-01.007
Long Jump04/28/2009WJ @ JFK14-04.501
Long Jump04/04/2009Woodward Relays14-04.755
Individual Titles
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