Darnell Pratt
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Class of 2017 (Update)
100m Dash05/20/2017WCAC Championship10.812
100m Dash05/21/2016WCAC Championships10.851
100m Dash05/20/2017WCAC Championship10.912
100m Dash05/07/2016Stan Morgan Invitational11.042
100m Dash04/01/2017Haverford Invitational11.051
100m Dash04/23/2016Mustang Invitational11.083
100m Dash05/21/2016WCAC Championships11.103
100m Dash04/01/2017Haverford Invitational11.352
100m Dash04/09/2016Don Boyer Invitational11.825
200m Dash06/19/2016NB Outdoor Nationals20.943
200m Dash06/19/2016NB Outdoor Nationals21.336
200m Dash05/21/2016WCAC Championships21.342
200m Dash05/20/2017WCAC Championship21.391
200m Dash05/20/2017WCAC Championship21.802
200m Dash04/08/2017Don Boyer Invitational21.821
200m Dash05/13/2017Cahoon Track Classic21.831
200m Dash04/21/2017Scorpion Invitational21.861
200m Dash05/21/2016WCAC Championships22.013
200m Dash05/14/2016Cahoon Track Classic22.121
200m Dash03/11/2016NB Indoor Nationals22.2016
200m Dash01/07/2017Hispanic Games22.233
200m Dash01/07/2017Hispanic Games22.296
200m Dash05/07/2016Stan Morgan Invitational22.381
200m Dash01/16/2016Dickinson HS Meet #223.334
300m Dash01/28/2017Virginia Tech Invitational34.082
300m Dash01/30/2016Virginia Tech Invitational34.636
300m Dash01/14/2017Montgomery Invitational34.801
300m Dash01/02/2016UMES Invitational35.572
300m Dash02/06/2016Private School Invitational35.581
300m Dash01/24/2017Montgomery Co. Private Championship37.091
400m Dash05/20/2017WCAC Championship47.781
400m Dash05/06/2017Draper Invitational48.151
400m Dash05/21/2016WCAC Championships48.461
400m Dash05/14/2016Cahoon Track Classic48.521
400m Dash03/11/2016NB Indoor Nationals48.687
400m Dash05/13/2017Cahoon Track Classic48.951
400m Dash03/11/2016NB Indoor Nationals49.028
400m Dash04/08/2017Don Boyer Invitational50.031
400m Dash01/16/2016Dickinson HS Meet #250.701
500m Dash01/24/2017Montgomery Co. Private Championship01:08.541
55m Dash01/24/2017Montgomery Co. Private Championship6.842
55m Dash01/09/2016Montgomery Invitational6.8418
60m Dash01/02/2016UMES Invitational7.3812
Individual Titles
IT 2017MoCo Independent500m Dash
IT 2017MoCo Independent300m Dash
OT 2016WCAC100m Dash
OT 2016WCAC400m Dash
OT 2016All American200m Dash
OT 2017WCAC400m Dash
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