Arielle Statham
Paint Branch
Class of 2009 (Update)
200 Dash ht05/14/20083A West Regional25.61
200 Dash ht05/14/20083A West Regional25.92
200m Dash05/23/2009MD State Championship24.862
200m Dash05/23/2009MD State Championship25.063
200m Dash05/24/2008MD State Championship25.065
200m Dash05/24/2008MD State Championship25.095
200m Dash03/13/2009Nike Indoor Nationals25.3319
200m Dash05/13/20093A West Regional25.381
200m Dash04/11/2008MRW Invitational25.431
200m Dash04/03/2009MRW NOVA Invitational25.451
200m Dash05/08/2008Montgomery Co. Championship25.623
200m Dash05/14/20083A West Regional25.621
200m Dash05/13/20093A West Regional25.661
200m Dash05/08/2008Montgomery Co. Championship25.924
200m Dash12/15/2007Howard County Winter Trackfest26.174
300m Dash01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship40.122
300m Dash01/23/2009Virginia Tech Invitational40.174
300m Dash02/17/20093A State Championship40.402
300m Dash02/25/20083A State Championship40.903
300m Dash02/21/20083A West Regional Meet41.312
300m Dash01/05/2008UMES Coach O Invitational41.432
300m Dash01/22/2008Montgomery Co. TF Championship41.562
300m Dash12/06/2008Hoco/Moco Challenge42.351
300m Dash02/04/20093A West Regional43.101
400m Dash05/13/20093A West Regional55.591
400m Dash05/23/2009MD State Championship56.062
400m Dash05/24/2008MD State Championship56.663
400m Dash04/18/2009Meade Stampede57.004
400m Dash01/10/2009Montgomery Invitational57.031
400m Dash06/19/2008Nike Outdoor Nationals57.209
400m Dash05/26/2007State Championship Day 357.295
400m Dash04/05/2008Morgan State Invitational57.391
400m Dash05/16/20073A west Regional57.581
400m Dash04/11/2008MRW Invitational57.861
400m Dash04/03/2009MRW NOVA Invitational58.061
400m Dash05/08/2008Montgomery Co. Championship58.272
400m Dash05/14/20083A West Regional58.301
400m Dash05/06/2009MoCo Championship58.533
400m Dash05/10/2007Montgomery Co. Championship58.666
400m Dash01/12/2008Montgomery Invitational58.663
400m Dash03/15/2008Nike Indoor Nationals58.752
400m Dash12/15/2007Howard County Winter Trackfest59.681
400m Dash03/25/2009Damascus @ PB59.831
400m Dash04/08/2008PB @ Poolesville59.91
400m Dash04/13/2007MR&W Invite60.053
400m Dash04/01/2008PB @ Damascus61.41
500m Dash02/25/20083A State Championship01:19.282
500m Dash12/20/2008MRW Holiday Invitational01:20.173
500m Dash02/21/20083A West Regional Meet01:20.261
55m Dash02/17/20093A State Championship7.111
55m Dash01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.242
55m Dash02/17/20093A State Championship7.272
55m Dash01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.282
55m Dash02/04/20093A West Regional7.391
55m Dash02/04/20093A West Regional7.481
55m Dash02/04/20093A West Regional7.621
60m Dash01/03/2009Coach O Invitational7.801
60m Dash03/13/2009Nike Indoor Nationals7.8021
60m Dash01/03/2009Coach O Invitational7.852
60m Dash03/13/2009Nike Indoor Nationals7.9021
800m Run03/25/2009Damascus @ PB02:311
Long Jump04/08/2006Woodlawn Warrior Invitational13-09.003
Long Jump04/08/2008PB @ Poolesville14-0 6.251
Long Jump03/30/2006Metro Run and Walk Invitational14-09.5014
Long Jump03/25/2006Cougar Relays14-10.005
Long Jump04/13/2007MR&W Invite15-01.509
Long Jump04/22/2006Bulldog Relays15-03.002
Long Jump04/21/2007Meade Invitational15-06.005
Long Jump05/16/20073A west Regional16-02.251
Long Jump05/26/2007State Championship Day 316-02.257
Long Jump04/01/2008PB @ Damascus16-03.001
Long Jump05/10/2007Montgomery Co. Championship16-05.003
Triple Jump03/24/2007Cougar Relays30-05.507
Triple Jump04/13/2007MR&W Invite31-11.259
Triple Jump04/21/2007Meade Invitational32-02.005
Triple Jump05/24/2008MD State Championship32-03.7510
Triple Jump03/25/2009Damascus @ PB33-00.751
Triple Jump04/08/2008PB @ Poolesville33-02.51
Triple Jump05/16/20073A west Regional33-08.502
Triple Jump04/11/2008MRW Invitational34-00.509
Triple Jump01/05/2008UMES Coach O Invitational34-04.753
Triple Jump05/27/20063A State Championship34-05.255
Triple Jump05/08/2008Montgomery Co. Championship34-08.005
Triple Jump04/01/2008PB @ Damascus34-08.001
Triple Jump05/14/20083A West Regional34-09.004
Triple Jump01/12/2008Montgomery Invitational34-09.255
Triple Jump12/15/2007Howard County Winter Trackfest35-04.502
Triple Jump05/25/2007State Championship Day 235-07.003
Triple Jump04/05/2008Morgan State Invitational35-07.751
Triple Jump12/20/2008MRW Holiday Invitational36-02.751
Triple Jump03/13/2009Nike Indoor Nationals36-09.0015
Triple Jump01/03/2009Coach O Invitational36-10.501
Triple Jump01/22/2008Montgomery Co. TF Championship37-04.501
Triple Jump12/06/2008Hoco/Moco Challenge37-05.001
Triple Jump01/10/2009Montgomery Invitational37-07.501
Triple Jump01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship37-10.001
Triple Jump04/18/2009Meade Stampede38-00.001
Triple Jump05/13/20093A West Regional38-02.001
Triple Jump05/06/2009MoCo Championship38-06.001
Triple Jump04/03/2009MRW NOVA Invitational38-06.751
Triple Jump06/18/2009Nike Outdoor Nationals38-09.7514
Triple Jump04/23/2009Penn Relays38-116
Triple Jump01/23/2009Virginia Tech Invitational39-10.252
Triple Jump05/23/2009MD State Championship40-04.001
Individual Titles
IT 2008Montgomery CountyTriple Jump
IT 20083A West Region500m Dash
IT 2009Montgomery CountyTriple Jump
IT 20093A West Region55m Dash
IT 20093A West Region300m Dash
IT 20093A State55m Dash
OT 20073A West Region400m Dash
OT 20073A West RegionLong Jump
OT 20083A West Region400m Dash
OT 20083A West Region200m Dash
OT 2009Montgomery CountyTriple Jump
OT 20093A West Region200m Dash
OT 20093A West RegionTriple Jump
OT 20093A West Region400m Dash
OT 20093A StateTriple Jump
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