Victoria Toth
Bethesda Chevy Chase
Class of 2017 (Update)
5000m XC09/18/2013B-CC at Albert Einstein27:28.0041
5000m XC09/24/2013Sherwood at B-CC25:20.3232
5000m XC09/26/2013Quince Orchard at B-CC24:34.3634
5000m XC10/01/2013Coyote Run 25:2452
5000m XC10/09/2013WJ, B-CC at Wootton25:00.9520
5000m XC10/19/2013MCPS Championship 24:0249
5000m XC11/23/2013Battle of the Potomac25:4332
800m Run04/02/2014Wootton at B-CC02:58.122
400m Dash04/02/2014Wootton at B-CC70.58
800m Run04/09/2014RM, B-CC at WJ02:55.4316
400m Dash04/09/2014RM, B-CC at WJ72.1014
200 Dash ht05/01/2014Whitman, B-CC at Churchill30.517
400m Dash05/01/2014Whitman, B-CC at Churchill70.518
Pole Vault05/01/2014Whitman, B-CC at Churchill06-06.001
Pole Vault05/07/2014Montgomery Co. Championship07-00.004
400m Dash05/10/2014Montgomery County B71.2630
200m Dash05/10/2014Montgomery County B31.1654
Pole Vault05/16/20144A West Regional06-00.005
5000m XC09/23/2014Woot, B-CC, HA at Landon24:16.0418
5000m XC09/27/2014DC XC Invitational23:3262
5000m XC10/07/2014B-CC at Poolesville22:4217
5000m XC10/11/2014Glory Days Invitational23:40125
5000m XC10/18/2014Montgomery Co. Championship23:5929
800m Run03/24/2015RM, Wootton at BCC02:48.28
400m Dash03/24/2015RM, Wootton at BCC65.72
Pole Vault04/15/2015B-CC at Walter Johnson07-06.002
Pole Vault04/21/2015Whitman at B-CC06-06.001
400m Dash04/21/2015Whitman at B-CC67.44
400m Dash04/28/2015B-CC, WJ, RM at WC65.16
Pole Vault04/28/2015B-CC, WJ, RM at WC07-00.001
400m Dash05/02/2015Katie Jenkins Invitational64.4617
Pole Vault05/07/2015MoCo Championship07-06.003
400m Dash05/09/2015MoCo B Championship65.345
200 Dash ht05/09/2015MoCo B Championship30.508
Pole Vault05/14/20154A West Regional08-06.003
400m Dash05/14/20154A West Regional68.7824
Pole Vault05/23/20154A State Championship08-06.006
500m Dash12/05/2015MCPS Meet #101:32.938
300m Dash12/05/2015MCPS Meet #148.7854
Pole Vault02/04/20164A West Regional08-11.003
Pole Vault02/23/20164A State Championship09-06.002
Pole Vault03/22/2016B-CC, Churchill at WJ10-00.001
200m Dash04/12/2016B-CC, Wootton at Whitman28.649
Pole Vault04/12/2016B-CC, Wootton at Whitman10-00.001
400m Dash04/12/2016B-CC, Wootton at Whitman64.515
400m Dash04/16/2016Viking Invitational66.3821
400m Dash04/19/2016R. Montgomery at B-CC65.35
200 Dash ht04/19/2016R. Montgomery at B-CC28.98
Pole Vault04/19/2016R. Montgomery at B-CC10-00.001
1500m Run05/07/2016Katie Jenkins Invitational05:57.385
Discus05/07/2016Katie Jenkins Invitational048-08.008
400m Dash05/07/2016Katie Jenkins Invitational65.606
Long Jump05/07/2016Katie Jenkins Invitational11-07.757
Tetrathlon05/07/2016Katie Jenkins Invitational13715
Pole Vault05/11/2016Montgomery Co. Championship10-00.001
Pole Vault05/19/20164A West Regional09-02.002
Pole Vault05/27/20164A State Championship11-00.001
Shot Put12/27/2016MCPS Meet #321-02.0020
Shot Put01/18/2017Montgomery Co. TF Championship22-00.5014
Shot Put02/09/20174A West Regional19-10.2521
Discus03/28/2017B-CC, Wootton at WJ045-0711
Shot Put03/28/2017B-CC, Wootton at WJ23-08.006
Shot Put04/01/2017Cougar Relays22-10.0028
Shot Put04/04/2017B-CC at Richard Montgomery 23-00.003
Shot Put04/08/2017Woodward Relays22-07.0013
Shot Put04/19/2017B-CC at Churchill 21-00.001
Pole Vault05/20/20174A West Regional09-09.002
Individual Titles
OT 2016Montgomery CountyPole Vault
OT 20164A StatePole Vault
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