Sean Stanley
Class of 2009 (Update)
Discus04/04/2009Woodward Relays120-002
Discus05/17/20064A West Regional120-11.007
Discus04/11/2007Gburg NW at Whitman122-082
Discus03/24/2007Cougar Relays124-063
Discus05/10/2007Montgomery Co. Championship131-08.504
Discus05/16/20074A West Regional135-11.002
Discus04/21/2007Urbana Hawks Relays136-032
Discus05/05/2007HoCo Spring Classic142-111
Discus04/18/2007Gaithersburg at Poolesville144-111
Discus04/18/2009Meade Stampede145-022
Discus04/19/2008Meade Stampede149-021
Discus05/26/2007State Championship Day 3149-042
Discus05/06/2009MoCo Championship150-05.002
Discus04/12/2008Woodward Relays151-071
Discus05/24/2008MD State Championship152-082
Discus05/08/2008Montgomery Co. Championship153-001
Discus03/28/2009Cougar Relays153-011
Discus05/14/20084A West Regional156-032
Discus05/03/2008Howard County Track Classic156-051
Discus04/05/2008Cougar Relays157-082
Discus05/13/20094A West Regional157-082
Discus05/02/2009TC Williams Invitational157-101
Discus04/30/2008GB @ Pooleville158-091
Discus05/23/2009MD State Championship169-082
Shot Put05/11/2006Montgomery Co. Championship43-10.005
Shot Put05/27/20064A State Championship43-11.258
Shot Put05/17/20064A West Regional44-10.505
Shot Put01/13/2007Montgomery Invitational48-08.503
Shot Put02/03/2007Last Track to Philly48-09.001
Shot Put02/20/20073A/4A West Regional49-05.001
Shot Put01/22/2007Montgomery Co. TF Championship49-06.501
Shot Put02/22/20074A/3A State Championship50-06.501
Shot Put04/18/2007Gaithersburg at Poolesville50-07.251
Shot Put04/12/2008Woodward Relays51-04.001
Shot Put04/11/2007Gburg NW at Whitman51-07.001
Shot Put04/30/2008GB @ Pooleville52-001
Shot Put03/24/2007Cougar Relays52-03.251
Shot Put05/16/20074A West Regional52-07.751
Shot Put01/05/2008Southern Maryland Invitational52-08.751
Shot Put05/10/2007Montgomery Co. Championship52-11.501
Shot Put04/21/2007Urbana Hawks Relays53-05.001
Shot Put05/25/2007State Championship Day 253-08.251
Shot Put02/06/20084A West Regional53-11.001
Shot Put05/13/20094A West Regional53-11.252
Shot Put04/04/2009Woodward Relays54-01.501
Shot Put05/05/2007HoCo Spring Classic54-02.001
Shot Put03/28/2009Cougar Relays54-02.501
Shot Put04/05/2008Cougar Relays54-04.501
Shot Put02/19/20084A State Championship54-11.751
Shot Put01/22/2008Montgomery Co. TF Championship55-00.751
Shot Put04/18/2009Meade Stampede55-10.001
Shot Put04/26/2008Penn Relays Carnival55-10.757
Shot Put05/02/2009TC Williams Invitational55-11.501
Shot Put02/17/20094A State Championship56-00.502
Shot Put01/12/2008Montgomery Invitational56-01.002
Shot Put05/08/2008Montgomery Co. Championship56-05.001
Shot Put04/23/2009Penn Relays56-08.758
Shot Put04/19/2008Meade Stampede56-09.501
Shot Put05/03/2008Howard County Track Classic56-09.501
Shot Put02/11/20094A West Regional57-00.001
Shot Put03/15/2008Nike Indoor Nationals57-05.002
Shot Put12/10/2008Developmental Meet #157-08.751
Shot Put05/14/20084A West Regional58-00.751
Shot Put03/13/2009NSIC58-04.505
Shot Put05/06/2009MoCo Championship58-08.002
Shot Put01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship59-10.001
Shot Put05/24/2008MD State Championship60-00.251
Shot Put01/10/2009Montgomery Invitational60-00.501
Shot Put05/23/2009MD State Championship60-04.751
Individual Titles
IT 2007Montgomery CountyShot Put
IT 20073A/4A West RegionShot Put
IT 20074A/3A StateShot Put
IT 2008Montgomery CountyShot Put
IT 20084A West RegionShot Put
IT 20084A StateShot Put
IT 2009Montgomery CountyShot Put
IT 20094A West RegionShot Put
IT 2009All AmericanShot Put
OT 2007Montgomery CountyShot Put
OT 20074A West RegionShot Put
OT 20074A StateShot Put
OT 2008Montgomery CountyDiscus
OT 2008Montgomery CountyShot Put
OT 20084A West RegionShot Put
OT 20084A West RegionDiscus
OT 20084A StateShot Put
OT 20094A StateShot Put
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