Shyheim Wright
Class of 2016 (Update)
110 Hurdles ht04/12/2016Watkins Mill at Northwest13.711
110 Hurdles ht05/11/2016Montgomery Co. Championship13.801
110 Hurdles ht04/21/2015NW, WM at Clarksburg13.90
110 Hurdles ht04/19/2016Damascus, QO at Northwest14.01
110 Hurdles ht04/14/2015Dam, Pool at Northwest14.11
110 Hurdles ht04/05/2016NW, Pool at Clarksburg14.20
110 Hurdles ht03/25/2015NW at Seneca Valley14.251
110 Hurdles ht04/08/2014NW, SV at Poolesville14.41
110 Hurdles ht03/22/2016Northwest at Seneca Valley14.491
110 Hurdles ht05/11/2016Montgomery Co. Championship14.601
110 Hurdles ht04/01/2014Damascus at Northwest14.691
110 Hurdles ht04/29/2014Clarksburg, NW at QO15.01
110 Hurdles ht05/11/2013Montgomery County B Meet15.751
110 Hurdles ht04/23/2013Poolesville and NW at QO15.84
110 Hurdles ht04/09/2013NW and WM at Clarksburg16.00
110 Hurdles ht05/11/2013Montgomery County B Meet16.552
110m Hurdles05/27/20164A State Championship13.921
110m Hurdles06/19/2016NB Outdoor Nationals13.936
110m Hurdles03/26/2016Central Invitational14.011
110m Hurdles05/27/20164A State Championship14.041
110m Hurdles04/16/2016Viking Invitational14.281
110m Hurdles05/19/20164A West Regional14.321
110m Hurdles04/16/2016Viking Invitational14.332
110m Hurdles05/19/20164A West Regional14.471
110m Hurdles05/16/20144A West Regional14.472
110m Hurdles05/07/2014Montgomery Co. Championship14.542
110m Hurdles03/28/2015Central Falcon Invite14.551
110m Hurdles05/24/20144A State Championship14.564
110m Hurdles04/18/2015Madric HOF Invitational14.561
110m Hurdles05/24/20144A State Championship14.614
110m Hurdles04/18/2015Madric HOF Invitational14.711
110m Hurdles05/07/2014Montgomery Co. Championship14.902
110m Hurdles04/12/2014Charas Heurich Invitational14.932
110m Hurdles05/16/20144A West Regional15.002
110m Hurdles03/22/2014Screaming Eagle Invitational15.082
110m Hurdles03/22/2014Screaming Eagle Invitational15.233
110m Hurdles05/14/20154A West Regional15.433
110m Hurdles05/07/2015MoCo Championship15.492
110m Hurdles05/16/20134A West Championship15.554
110m Hurdles05/25/20134A State Championship15.5611
110m Hurdles05/07/2015MoCo Championship15.631
110m Hurdles05/23/20154A State Championship15.8613
110m Hurdles05/16/20134A West Championship15.926
110m Hurdles03/21/2015Knights Invitational16.001
110m Hurdles05/14/20154A West Regional17.826
110m Hurdles03/23/2013Knights and Lions Invite17.856
110m Hurdles03/23/2013Knights and Lions Invite17.886
300m Dash12/08/2015MCPS Meet #235.581
300m Dash01/20/2016Montgomery Co. TF Championship35.823
300m Dash01/02/2016UMES Invitational35.833
300m Dash12/12/2015Howard Co. Invitational35.901
300m Dash12/05/2015MCPS Meet #136.901
300m Dash02/04/20164A West Regional38.614
300m Dash12/30/2013MCPS Meet #339.728
300m Hurdles05/27/20164A State Championship37.281
300m Hurdles05/19/20164A West Regional37.361
300m Hurdles04/21/2015NW, WM at Clarksburg38.00
300m Hurdles04/19/2016Damascus, QO at Northwest39.11
300m Hurdles05/16/20144A West Regional39.333
300m Hurdles04/12/2016Watkins Mill at Northwest39.41
300m Hurdles03/26/2016Central Invitational39.522
300m Hurdles04/16/2016Viking Invitational39.921
300m Hurdles05/11/2016Montgomery Co. Championship40.301
300m Hurdles04/18/2015Madric HOF Invitational40.383
300m Hurdles05/07/2014Montgomery Co. Championship40.574
300m Hurdles05/24/20144A State Championship40.999
300m Hurdles04/14/2015Dam, Pool at Northwest41.12
300m Hurdles04/08/2014NW, SV at Poolesville41.21
300m Hurdles03/22/2016Northwest at Seneca Valley41.461
300m Hurdles05/16/20134A West Championship41.539
300m Hurdles03/22/2014Screaming Eagle Invitational42.057
300m Hurdles05/11/2013Montgomery County B Meet42.361
300m Hurdles04/01/2014Damascus at Northwest42.501
300m Hurdles04/23/2013Poolesville and NW at QO42.84
300m Hurdles03/29/2014Cougar Relays42.99
300m Hurdles05/14/20154A West Regional43.4311
300m Hurdles04/06/2013Cougar Relays43.612
300m Hurdles04/09/2013NW and WM at Clarksburg44.30
300m Hurdles03/25/2015NW at Seneca Valley44.492
300m Hurdles04/29/2014Clarksburg, NW at QO44.63
300m Hurdles04/12/2014Charas Heurich Invitational49.4912
400m Hurdles04/25/2015Penn Relays56.0515
400m Hurdles03/21/2015Knights Invitational58.202
500m Dash12/29/2015MCPS Meet #301:12.29
55 Hurdles ht12/07/2013MCPS Meet #1 07.62
55 Hurdles ht12/30/2013MCPS Meet #307.61
55m Dash01/16/2016PG Invitational6.542
55m Dash01/16/2016PG Invitational6.642
55m Dash12/29/2015MCPS Meet #36.692
55m Dash02/04/20164A West Regional6.752
55m Dash02/23/20164A State Championship6.7612
55m Dash02/04/20164A West Regional6.812
55m Hurdles02/23/20153A-4A State Championship07.271
55m Hurdles03/15/2015NB Indoor Nationals07.348
55m Hurdles01/09/2016Montgomery Invitational07.391
55m Hurdles02/23/20164A State Championship07.391
55m Hurdles01/09/2016Montgomery Invitational07.411
55m Hurdles01/20/2016Montgomery Co. TF Championship07.441
55m Hurdles01/02/2016UMES Invitational07.46c1
55m Hurdles01/20/2016Montgomery Co. TF Championship07.481
55m Hurdles02/05/20154A West Regional07.491
55m Hurdles12/05/2015MCPS Meet #107.491
55m Hurdles01/20/2015Montgomery Co. TF Championship07.501
55m Hurdles01/20/2015Montgomery Co. TF Championship07.521
55m Hurdles02/23/20153A-4A State Championship07.551
55m Hurdles12/08/2015MCPS Meet #207.571
55m Hurdles02/05/20154A West Regional07.601
55m Hurdles12/12/2015Howard Co. Invitational07.691
55m Hurdles12/12/2015Howard Co. Invitational07.702
55m Hurdles01/10/2015Montgomery Invitational07.731
55m Hurdles12/30/2014MCPS Meet #307.731
55m Hurdles02/04/20164A West Regional07.741
55m Hurdles02/23/20164A State Championship07.802
55m Hurdles01/10/2015Montgomery Invitational07.831
55m Hurdles12/14/2013HoCo Winterfest07.832
55m Hurdles01/11/2014Montgomery Invitational07.877
55m Hurdles01/28/2014Montgomery Co. TF Championship07.883
55m Hurdles12/14/2013HoCo Winterfest07.924
55m Hurdles02/04/20164A West Regional08.181
55m Hurdles01/28/2014Montgomery Co. TF Championship08.197
55m Hurdles01/11/2014Montgomery Invitational08.576
55m Hurdles02/06/20144A West Regional08.6010
55m Hurdles12/06/2014MCPS Meet #108.612
55m Hurdles01/22/2013Montgomery Co. TF Championship08.6410
55m Hurdles12/11/2012MCPS Meet #109.4016
55m Hurdles02/07/20134A West Regional14.3124
60m Hurdles03/15/2015NB Indoor Nationals07.928
60m Hurdles01/03/2015UMES HS Invitational08.031
60m Hurdles01/02/2016UMES Invitational08.031
60m Hurdles03/15/2015NB Indoor Nationals08.067
60m Hurdles03/15/2015NB Indoor Nationals08.0718
60m Hurdles01/02/2016UMES Invitational08.101
60m Hurdles01/03/2015UMES HS Invitational08.331
60m Hurdles01/04/2014UMES HS Invitational08.482
60m Hurdles01/04/2014UMES HS Invitational08.612
60m Hurdles01/05/2013UMES High School Invite10.154
High Jump12/06/2014MCPS Meet #15-04.006
High Jump12/09/2014MCPS Meet #25-06.002
High Jump12/05/2015MCPS Meet #15-08.001
High Jump01/16/2016PG Invitational5-10.003
High Jump12/29/2015MCPS Meet #36-00.004
High Jump02/23/20153A-4A State Championship6-00.003
High Jump02/05/20154A West Regional6-02.001
Long Jump12/09/2014MCPS Meet #218-05.506
Long Jump12/30/2014MCPS Meet #319-00.005
Long Jump05/19/20164A West Regional21-08.001
Long Jump05/27/20164A State Championship22-06.002
Triple Jump12/09/2014MCPS Meet #238-02.004
Triple Jump04/05/2016NW, Pool at Clarksburg39-070
Triple Jump01/10/2015Montgomery Invitational39-09.0019
Triple Jump12/06/2014MCPS Meet #139-11.003
Triple Jump01/20/2016Montgomery Co. TF Championship40-02.007
Triple Jump04/12/2016Watkins Mill at Northwest40-051
Triple Jump04/14/2015Dam, Pool at Northwest40-081
Triple Jump03/26/2016Central Invitational40-09.002
Triple Jump05/11/2016Montgomery Co. Championship40-09.258
Triple Jump04/18/2015Madric HOF Invitational41-01.757
Triple Jump12/12/2015Howard Co. Invitational41-08.009
Triple Jump04/16/2016Viking Invitational42-05.003
Triple Jump01/03/2015UMES HS Invitational42-07.004
Triple Jump01/20/2015Montgomery Co. TF Championship43-01.502
Triple Jump01/16/2016PG Invitational43-03.502
Triple Jump03/15/2015NB Indoor Nationals44-02.5014
Triple Jump01/24/2015Last Track to Philly45-03.251
Individual Titles
IT 2015Montgomery County55m Hurdles
IT 20154A West RegionHigh Jump
IT 20154A West Region55m Hurdles
IT 20154A State55m Hurdles
IT 2016Montgomery County55m Hurdles
IT 20164A West Region55m Hurdles
IT 20164A State55m Hurdles
OT 2013Montgomery County JV300m Hurdles
OT 2013Montgomery County JV110m Hurdles
OT 2015Montgomery County110m Hurdles
OT 2016Montgomery County110m Hurdles
OT 2016Montgomery County300m Hurdles
OT 20164A West RegionLong Jump
OT 20164A West Region300m Hurdles
OT 20164A West Region110m Hurdles
OT 20164A State300m Hurdles
OT 20164A State110m Hurdles
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