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Teju Adewole
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Class of 2011 (Update/Correct)
100m Dash2008-05-02Draper Invitational12.615
100m Dash2008-05-02Draper Invitational12.777
100m Dash2008-05-16WCAC Championship12.886
100m Dash2008-05-16WCAC Championship13.036
100m Dash2008-03-28FSU Relays13.1510
100m Hurdles2011-05-20WCAC Championship14.352
100m Hurdles2010-04-02Florida Relays14.374
100m Hurdles2010-05-01Draper Invitational14.412
100m Hurdles2011-05-20WCAC Championship14.601
100m Hurdles2010-05-15WCAC Championship14.742
100m Hurdles2010-04-17Woodlawn Invitational14.801
100m Hurdles2010-06-17New Balance Outdoor Nationals14.8523
100m Hurdles2010-05-01Draper Invitational14.951
100m Hurdles2010-05-15WCAC Championship14.961
100m Hurdles2010-04-17Woodlawn Invitational15.041
100m Hurdles2011-05-07TC Williams Invitational15.091
100m Hurdles2011-05-07TC Williams Invitational15.131
100m Hurdles2010-06-12Mid-Atlantic Prep Classic15.423
100m Hurdles2009-05-16WCAC Championships15.472
100m Hurdles2009-05-16WCAC Championships15.531
100m Hurdles2009-05-02Draper Invitational15.723
100m Hurdles2009-05-02Draper Invitational15.854
100m Hurdles2009-04-17Hall of Fame Invitational15.862
100m Hurdles2011-04-02Carver Track Classic16.061
100m Hurdles2009-04-17Hall of Fame Invitational16.353
200m Dash2011-05-20WCAC Championship25.463
200m Dash2011-05-20WCAC Championship25.474
200m Dash2009-05-16WCAC Championships25.794
200m Dash2009-05-02Draper Invitational25.823
200m Dash2009-04-04Crimson Tide Classic25.853
200m Dash2009-05-16WCAC Championships25.934
200m Dash2011-04-23McNamara Mustang Invitational25.963
200m Dash2010-05-15WCAC Championship26.185
200m Dash2009-05-02Draper Invitational26.194
200m Dash2011-05-07TC Williams Invitational26.236
200m Dash2009-04-04Crimson Tide Classic26.236
200m Dash2010-04-17Woodlawn Invitational26.272
200m Dash2011-02-19Kentucky Invitational26.313
200m Dash2011-05-07TC Williams Invitational26.324
200m Dash2010-05-15WCAC Championship26.355
200m Dash2010-02-27Mid-Atlantic Track Classic26.459
200m Dash2008-04-05Crimson Tide Classic26.635
200m Dash2008-04-05Crimson Tide Classic26.647
200m Dash2010-02-20Jesuit Indoor Championship26.831
200m Dash2010-12-18Dickinson Invitational26.842
200m Dash2010-12-11Howard County Winter Festival27.189
200m Dash2008-12-13Dickinson Invitational28.067
200m Dash2007-12-15Dickinson College Invitational28.8410
55m Dash2011-02-05Private School Invitational7.301
55m Dash2011-01-22Pioneer Elite Invitational7.392
55m Dash2011-01-22Pioneer Elite Invitational7.432
55m Dash2011-02-25Jesuit Indoor Championships7.481
55m Dash2009-02-07Private School Invitational7.546
55m Dash2011-02-05Private School Invitational7.566
55m Dash2009-02-07Private School Invitational7.585
55m Dash2008-02-09Private School Invitational7.617
55m Dash2010-02-20Jesuit Indoor Championship7.661
55m Dash2008-01-12Montgomery Invitational7.7641
55m Dash2008-02-09Private School Invitational7.777
55m Dash2008-01-25Virginia Tech Invitational8.1541
55m Hurdles2011-02-05Private School Invitational08.253
55m Hurdles2010-03-12Nike Indoor Nationals08.2612
55m Hurdles2010-02-27Mid-Atlantic Track Classic08.262
55m Hurdles2010-02-27Mid-Atlantic Track Classic08.312
55m Hurdles2011-01-28Virginia Tech Invitational08.314
55m Hurdles2011-01-28Virginia Tech Invitational08.325
55m Hurdles2010-02-27Mid-Atlantic Track Classic08.393
55m Hurdles2011-02-25Jesuit Indoor Championships08.410
55m Hurdles2010-12-11Howard County Winter Festival08.423
55m Hurdles2011-02-05Private School Invitational08.433
55m Hurdles2010-03-12Nike Indoor Nationals08.4319
55m Hurdles2010-02-13Private School Invitational08.442
55m Hurdles2010-12-18Dickinson Invitational08.501
55m Hurdles2011-01-22Pioneer Elite Invitational08.501
55m Hurdles2011-02-22IAC Invitational Tournament08.571
55m Hurdles2011-01-22Pioneer Elite Invitational08.611
55m Hurdles2010-01-09Montgomery Invitational08.613
55m Hurdles2010-01-02PG New Years Invitational08.624
55m Hurdles2010-01-09Montgomery Invitational08.662
55m Hurdles2010-02-20Jesuit Indoor Championship08.661
55m Hurdles2010-02-13Private School Invitational08.682
55m Hurdles2010-01-02PG New Years Invitational08.695
55m Hurdles2011-01-08Montgomery Invitational08.705
55m Hurdles2010-12-11Howard County Winter Festival08.784
55m Hurdles2010-12-18Dickinson Invitational08.901
55m Hurdles2011-01-08Montgomery Invitational09.118
55m Hurdles2007-12-15Dickinson College Invitational11.5821
60m Dash2009-03-15Sportsplex Int'l Relays7.981
60m Dash2009-01-03Coach O Invitational8.117
60m Hurdles2011-02-19Kentucky Invitational08.752
60m Hurdles2010-03-12Nike Indoor Nationals08.8812
60m Hurdles2011-02-19Kentucky Invitational09.032
60m Hurdles2010-03-12Nike Indoor Nationals09.0619
60m Hurdles2011-03-11New Balance Nationals09.1028
Long Jump2008-04-12Woodward Relays13-00.7514
Long Jump2009-04-17Hall of Fame Invitational13-07.5018
Long Jump2009-02-07Private School Invitational14-11.506
Shot Put2010-03-20Good Counsel Invitational28-08.003
Individual Titles

OT 2009WCAC100m Hurdles
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Teju Adewole's Bio
Update Bio for Teju Adewole

Te.... who?

MoCoRunning Forum Name:



track and field, dance, basketball, soccer...

Why Track/XC?:

becaus I love the feel of victory whenevr I win a race. I REALLY love running and I believe that I have a God-given talent.

Competing Since:

I started competing in track and field during the 2003-2004 season, because people alyways used to ask me, "do you run track?" and I would say no. Because, at the time, I was doing ballet, gymnastics, and then soccer.

Favorite Event:


Proudest Accomplishments:

I have run a 24.56 split in teh 4x200m relay. I shocked myself out of my spikes! Because I used to always run 26's, but then I became consistent with running a 24...

Memorable Moments:

I had a picture in the yearbook and it looked like I was really buff, my arms were swole as I don't know what, and my thigh muscles were shockingly precise. It was kinda scary... I don't even want talk aboout my face


I like reading, writing, sketching, LOOOOVE RUNNING TRACK... I like dancing, SINGING, painting, doing mind-boggling puzzles because I believe that it's good exercise for the mind... I love music, different types of music from rock to pop to rap to hiphop, to gogo to jazz to R&B, to EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that sounds nice and has a nice beat to it.


"Knowledge is the new currency."--- Les Brown, wonderful motivational speaker

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