Anthony Woods Jr.
Class of 2019 (Update)
100 Dash ht04/23/2018NW and QO at Clarksburg10.51
100 Dash ht04/04/2018NW, Damascus at Poolesville10.661
100 Dash ht04/16/2019QO, NW at WM10.72
100 Dash ht04/17/2018Watkins Mill at Northwest10.921
100 Dash ht04/05/2017Clarksburg, NW at Damascus 10.941
100 Dash ht03/26/2019Damascus, SV at NW11.11
100 Dash ht04/12/2016Watkins Mill at Northwest11.142
100 Dash ht04/05/2016NW, Pool at Clarksburg11.20
100 Dash ht04/10/2018Seneca Valley at Northwest11.21
100 Dash ht04/19/2017NW Poolesville at WM11.202
100 Dash ht04/19/2016Damascus, QO at Northwest11.43
100 Dash ht05/11/2016Montgomery Co. Championship11.407
100 Dash ht05/11/2016Montgomery Co. Championship11.5010
100 Dash ht03/22/2016Northwest at Seneca Valley11.534
100 Dash ht04/02/2019Clarksburg at Northwest11.61
100m Dash05/25/20194A State Championship10.762
100m Dash05/26/20184A State Championship10.871
100m Dash05/04/2019Mullins Russell Invitational10.874
100m Dash05/08/2019Montgomery Co. Championship10.901
100m Dash04/21/2018Mustangs Invitational10.912
100m Dash05/09/2018MCPS Championship10.921
100m Dash04/06/2019Trojan Invitational10.931
100m Dash05/26/20184A State Championship10.942
100m Dash05/04/2019Mullins Russell Invitational10.951
100m Dash05/16/20194A West Regional10.961
100m Dash05/25/20194A State Championship10.962
100m Dash04/21/2018Mustangs Invitational10.973
100m Dash05/17/20184A West Regional11.031
100m Dash05/16/20194A West Regional11.121
100m Dash05/17/20184A West Regional11.182
100m Dash04/06/2019Trojan Invitational11.194
100m Dash03/24/2018Central Invitational11.262
100m Dash03/24/2018Central Invitational11.262
100m Dash04/16/2016Viking Invitational11.327
100m Dash03/25/2017Central Invitational11.333
100m Dash04/16/2016Viking Invitational11.384
100m Dash04/08/2017Charas Heurich Invitational11.411
200 Dash ht04/16/2019QO, NW at WM21.71
200 Dash ht04/23/2018NW and QO at Clarksburg22.01
200 Dash ht04/19/2017NW Poolesville at WM22.802
200 Dash ht03/26/2019Damascus, SV at NW24.12
200m Dash05/25/20194A State Championship21.732
200m Dash05/16/20194A West Regional21.821
200m Dash05/08/2019Montgomery Co. Championship22.082
200m Dash05/20/20174A West Regional22.282
200m Dash05/16/20194A West Regional22.281
200m Dash05/20/20174A West Regional22.314
200m Dash05/27/20174A State Championship22.348
200m Dash05/25/20194A State Championship22.433
200m Dash03/25/2017Central Invitational22.472
200m Dash05/27/20174A State Championship22.517
200m Dash01/19/2019UMES Invitational22.691
200m Dash04/08/2017Charas Heurich Invitational22.792
200m Dash01/28/2017Franklin & Marshall Invitational23.113
300m Dash02/09/20174A West Regional36.578
300m Dash02/07/20194A West Regional36.664
300m Dash01/16/2019Montgomery Co. Championship36.724
300m Dash12/06/2016MCPS Meet #237.177
300m Dash02/21/20174A State Championship37.2425
300m Dash01/02/2016UMES Invitational37.8411
300m Dash01/05/2019Smithsburg Invitational38.162
300m Dash12/05/2015MCPS Meet #138.214
300m Dash01/14/2017Montgomery Invitational38.3817
300m Dash12/29/2015MCPS Meet #338.5311
300m Dash12/08/2015MCPS Meet #239.0621
55 Dash ht12/05/2015MCPS Meet #16.67
55m Dash01/16/2019Montgomery Co. Championship6.471
55m Dash02/19/20194A State Championship6.481
55m Dash02/07/20194A West Regional6.491
55m Dash12/15/2018Howard County Winter Fest6.521
55m Dash02/19/20194A State Championship6.532
55m Dash12/11/2018MC-AA-BCo Meet6.531
55m Dash12/15/2018Howard County Winter Fest6.531
55m Dash02/07/20194A West Regional6.531
55m Dash01/12/2019Montgomery Invitational6.553
55m Dash01/16/2019Montgomery Co. Championship6.572
55m Dash01/12/2019Montgomery Invitational6.582
55m Dash02/21/20174A State Championship6.602
55m Dash02/09/20174A West Regional6.614
55m Dash02/09/20174A West Regional6.613
55m Dash01/05/2019Smithsburg Invitational6.622
55m Dash01/18/2017Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.644
55m Dash02/21/20174A State Championship6.642
55m Dash12/27/2016MCPS Meet #36.682
55m Dash01/18/2017Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.685
55m Dash01/20/2016Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.778
55m Dash01/20/2016Montgomery Co. TF Championship6.797
55m Dash12/29/2015MCPS Meet #36.837
55m Dash12/06/2016MCPS Meet #26.859
55m Dash12/08/2015MCPS Meet #26.877
60m Dash01/02/2016UMES Invitational7.289
60m Dash01/28/2017Franklin & Marshall Invitational7.7228
High Jump01/19/2019UMES Invitational5-06.005
High Jump04/02/2019Clarksburg at Northwest5-06.012
Long Jump12/29/2015MCPS Meet #318-02.507
Long Jump12/12/2015Howard Co. Invitational18-05.0014
Long Jump05/19/20164A West Regional18-06.2514
Long Jump12/05/2015MCPS Meet #119-02.505
Long Jump04/05/2016NW, Pool at Clarksburg19-050
Long Jump12/08/2015MCPS Meet #219-08.004
Long Jump12/06/2016MCPS Meet #219-09.756
Long Jump01/28/2017Franklin & Marshall Invitational19-09.7510
Long Jump03/22/2016Northwest at Seneca Valley20-00.002
Long Jump04/17/2018Watkins Mill at Northwest20-00.002
Long Jump04/12/2016Watkins Mill at Northwest20-011
Long Jump01/20/2016Montgomery Co. TF Championship20-01.505
Long Jump05/04/2019Mullins Russell Invitational20-02.006
Long Jump01/16/2016PG Invitational20-03.004
Long Jump04/19/2017NW Poolesville at WM20-05.001
Long Jump04/19/2016Damascus, QO at Northwest20-05.501
Long Jump04/08/2017Charas Heurich Invitational20-05.501
Long Jump04/16/2019QO, NW at WM20-05.504
Long Jump01/16/2019Montgomery Co. Championship20-10.002
Long Jump04/04/2018NW, Damascus at Poolesville21-00.001
Long Jump01/09/2016Montgomery Invitational21-00.503
Long Jump01/14/2017Montgomery Invitational21-00.502
Long Jump04/16/2016Viking Invitational21-00.751
Long Jump05/08/2019Montgomery Co. Championship21-01.005
Long Jump01/18/2017Montgomery Co. TF Championship21-01.504
Long Jump01/02/2016UMES Invitational21-02.003
Long Jump04/23/2018NW and QO at Clarksburg21-02.501
Long Jump12/15/2018Howard County Winter Fest21-02.502
Long Jump03/30/2019Legard Relays21-03.753
Long Jump04/10/2018Seneca Valley at Northwest21-04.001
Long Jump05/16/20194A West Regional21-04.254
Long Jump05/09/2018MCPS Championship21-05.001
Long Jump04/21/2018Mustangs Invitational21-05.503
Long Jump12/11/2018MC-AA-BCo Meet21-11.001
Long Jump05/17/20184A West Regional22-02.252
Long Jump05/26/20184A State Championship22-02.503
Long Jump03/25/2017Central Invitational22-05.001
Individual Titles
IT 2019Montgomery County55m Dash
IT 20194A West Region55m Dash
IT 20194A State55m Dash
OT 2018Montgomery County100m Dash
OT 2018Montgomery CountyLong Jump
OT 20184A State100m Dash
OT 2019Montgomery County100m Dash
OT 20194A West Region200m Dash
OT 20194A West Region100m Dash
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