Solomon Haile
Class of 2009 (Update)
1600m Run02/11/20094A West Regional04:17.861
1600m Run05/23/2009MD State Championship04:17.901
1600m Run02/17/20094A State Championship04:18.741
1600m Run05/13/20094A West Regional04:21.001
1600m Run01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:24.971
1600m Run04/15/2008BCC, Prep @ Sherwood04:32.302
1600m Run04/01/2008Churchill @ Sherwood04:46.421
2.5 Mile XC10/11/2008Manhattan Invitational12:06.611
3 Mile XC11/08/2008Maryland State Championship15:431
3000m Run04/23/2009Penn Relays08:29.294
3000m Run04/26/2008Penn Relays Carnival08:34.532
3200m Run06/13/2009Midwest Distance Gala08:52.98c2
3200m Run03/13/2009NSIC08:59.53c1
3200m Run06/19/2008Nike Outdoor Nationals09:04.49c13
3200m Run05/24/2008MD State Championship09:06.131
3200m Run05/23/2009MD State Championship09:13.771
3200m Run02/02/2008Last Track to Philly09:17.131
3200m Run02/17/20094A State Championship09:19.741
3200m Run05/14/20084A West Regional09:22.441
3200m Run05/13/20094A West Regional09:23.771
3200m Run02/11/20094A West Regional09:26.001
3200m Run04/18/2009Best Buy of Waldorf Track Classic09:31.151
3200m Run01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship09:32.061
3200m Run05/06/2009MoCo Championship09:37.741
5000m Track03/13/2009NSIC14:22.881
5000m Track06/18/2009Nike Outdoor Nationals14:32.361
5000m Track06/19/2008Nike Outdoor Nationals14:38.231
5000m Track03/15/2008Nike Indoor Nationals14:53.931
5000m XC10/04/2008Octoberfest Invitational15:10.351
5000m XC10/18/2008Montgomery Co. Championship15:11.621
5000m XC12/13/2008Footlocker Nationals15:151
5000m XC11/29/2008Footlocker NE Regional15:21.91
5000m XC09/20/2008Oatlands Invitational15:251
5000m XC09/13/2008Magruder Invitational15:53.391
5000m XC10/30/20084A West Regional15:56.741
5000m XC09/16/2008Sherwood, Magruder, SR at Landon 16:38.301
5000m XC10/07/2008Gaithersburg at Sherwood 16:48.001
5000m XC09/23/2008RM and Wootton at Sherwood17:06.01
Mile Run04/05/2008Cougar Relays04:31.61
Two Mile Run06/13/2009Midwest Distance Gala08:56.082
Two Mile Run03/13/2009NSIC09:02.671
Two Mile Run06/19/2008Nike Outdoor Nationals09:07.6613
Individual Titles
IT 2008Nike National5000m Track
IT 2009Montgomery County3200m Run
IT 2009Montgomery County1600m Run
IT 20094A West Region1600m Run
IT 20094A West Region3200m Run
IT 20094A State3200m Run
IT 20094A State1600m Run
IT 2009NSIC5000m Track
IT 2009NSICTwo Mile Run
OT 20084A West Region3200m Run
OT 20084A State3200m Run
OT 2008Nike National5000m Track
OT 2009Montgomery County3200m Run
OT 20094A West Region3200m Run
OT 20094A West Region1600m Run
OT 20094A State1600m Run
OT 20094A State3200m Run
OT 2009Nike National5000m Track
XC 2008Montgomery County5000m XC
XC 20084A West Region5000m XC
XC 20084A State5000m XC
XC 2008All American5000m XC
XC 2008Footlocker NE Elite5000m XC
XC 2008Footlocker National5000m XC
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