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Emma Coleman
Winston Churchill
Class of 2014 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2014-05-01Whitman, B-CC at Churchill11.91
100 Dash ht2014-04-22Churchill at Richard Montgomery12.11
100 Dash ht2014-04-11Friday Night Spikes12.61
100 Dash ht2013-04-12Friday Night Spikes12.72
100 Dash ht2012-04-17Whitman, WJ at Churchill13.23
100 Dash ht2011-04-13Northwood @ Churchill13.33
100 Dash ht2013-04-03Gburg, WJ at Churchill13.304
100 Dash ht2012-03-21Churchill, Gaithersburg at B-CC13.52
100 Dash ht2012-04-13Friday Night Spikes13.67
100m Dash2014-05-244A State Championship12.137
100m Dash2014-05-244A State Championship12.284
100m Dash2014-05-164A West Regional12.354
100m Dash2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship12.385
100m Dash2013-05-08MoCo Championship12.497
100m Dash2014-05-164A West Regional12.544
100m Dash2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship12.555
100m Dash2013-05-164A West Championship12.794
100m Dash2012-05-164A West Region12.916
100m Dash2013-05-164A West Championship12.945
100m Dash2012-05-164A West Region12.967
100m Dash2011-05-184A West Regional12.9612
100m Dash2013-05-08MoCo Championship13.067
100m Dash2012-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational13.198
100m Dash2014-03-22Centreville Relays13.252
100m Dash2012-05-09MCPS Championship13.3820
100m Dash2013-04-20Viking Invitational13.4111
100m Dash2013-03-21Coyote Invitational13.534
100m Dash2013-04-16B-CC and Churchill at Whitman13.741
100m Dash2012-04-21Viking Invitational13.7520
100m Dash2011-04-30HoCo Track Classic13.908
100m Dash2011-04-30HoCo Track Classic13.998
200 Dash ht2014-04-11Friday Night Spikes25.21
200 Dash ht2014-04-02Churchill at Walter Johnson25.31
200 Dash ht2013-04-12Friday Night Spikes26.81
200 Dash ht2012-04-13Friday Night Spikes27.01
200 Dash ht2011-03-29B-CC, Blair @ Churchill27.32
200 Dash ht2012-04-17Whitman, WJ at Churchill27.33
200 Dash ht2012-03-21Churchill, Gaithersburg at B-CC27.33
200 Dash ht2013-04-03Gburg, WJ at Churchill27.702
200 Dash ht2011-04-13Northwood @ Churchill27.83
200m Dash2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship25.246
200m Dash2014-05-164A West Regional25.422
200m Dash2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship25.424
200m Dash2012-05-164A West Region26.106
200m Dash2013-05-164A West Championship26.297
200m Dash2012-05-164A West Region26.317
200m Dash2013-05-164A West Championship26.346
200m Dash2013-05-08MoCo Championship26.356
200m Dash2011-05-10MoCo Championship26.4713
200m Dash2013-05-08MoCo Championship26.745
200m Dash2013-04-20Viking Invitational26.807
200m Dash2011-05-184A West Regional26.8113
200m Dash2013-04-16B-CC and Churchill at Whitman27.001
200m Dash2011-04-30HoCo Track Classic27.606
200m Dash2011-05-07Katie Jenkins Invitational27.768
200m Dash2011-05-07Katie Jenkins Invitational27.8210
200m Dash2012-03-24Screaming Eagles Invitational28.015
300m Dash2014-02-184A State Championship41.002
300m Dash2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship41.522
300m Dash2014-01-31Virginia Tech Invitational41.606
300m Dash2014-01-11Montgomery Invitational41.8710
300m Dash2014-01-04UMES HS Invitational42.402
300m Dash2014-02-064A West Regional42.552
300m Dash2013-12-30MCPS Meet #343.15
300m Dash2013-02-074A West Regional43.5011
300m Dash2013-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship43.5812
300m Dash2012-01-07Montgomery Invitational44.3426
300m Dash2012-01-27Virginia Tech Invitational44.3537
300m Dash2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship44.4015
300m Dash2013-01-05UMES High School Invite44.423
300m Dash2013-01-12Montgomery Invitational44.4838
300m Dash2011-12-28MCPS Meet #245.6015
300m Dash2012-02-094A West Regional47.5615
400m Dash2014-04-11Friday Night Spikes57.21
400m Dash2014-04-02Churchill at Walter Johnson60.21
500m Dash2011-01-24Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:28.3617
500m Dash2010-12-22Developmental 101:30.7021
55m Dash2014-02-184A State Championship7.416
55m Dash2014-02-184A State Championship7.416
55m Dash2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.475
55m Dash2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.535
55m Dash2014-02-064A West Regional7.565
55m Dash2014-01-31Virginia Tech Invitational7.5723
55m Dash2014-02-064A West Regional7.614
55m Dash2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.659
55m Dash2012-01-27Virginia Tech Invitational7.7727
55m Dash2011-12-17PR Holiday Invitational7.8222
55m Dash2011-12-28MCPS Meet #27.8615
55m Dash2013-01-22Montgomery Co. TF Championship7.9423
55m Dash2012-12-08HoCo Trackfest7.9921
55m Dash2012-02-094A West Regional8.0914
60m Dash2014-01-04UMES HS Invitational8.133
60m Dash2014-01-04UMES HS Invitational8.152
60m Dash2013-01-05UMES High School Invite8.532
Long Jump2011-12-28MCPS Meet #212-11.0013
Long Jump2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship14-01.5012
Individual Titles

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