Andrew Palmer
Walt Whitman
Class of 2010 (Update)
1600m Run05/22/2010Danbury Dream Invitational04:15.75c6
1600m Run02/11/20094A West Regional04:19.752
1600m Run05/23/2009MD State Championship04:20.032
1600m Run02/17/20094A State Championship04:21.422
1600m Run01/10/2009Montgomery Invitational04:21.48c5
1600m Run03/27/2010Cougar Relays04:21.51
1600m Run04/17/2010Viking Invitational04:21.832
1600m Run05/13/20094A West Regional04:22.902
1600m Run04/19/2008Viking Invitational04:24.183
1600m Run04/04/2009Pikesville Invitational04:24.211
1600m Run01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:25.202
1600m Run06/14/2007Nike Outdoor Nationals04:25.60c1
1600m Run05/14/20084A West Regional04:25.784
1600m Run05/08/2008Montgomery Co. Championship04:26.073
1600m Run05/06/2009MoCo Championship04:26.301
1600m Run05/24/2008MD State Championship04:27.405
1600m Run05/26/2007State Championship Day 304:28.0311
1600m Run05/16/20074A West Regional04:28.435
1600m Run02/19/20084A State Championship04:29.113
1600m Run03/31/2007Pikesville Invite04:31.04
1600m Run04/27/2010Blake, WJ @ Whitman04:33.931
1600m Run05/10/2007Montgomery Co. Championship04:34.35
1600m Run03/11/2007Nike Indoor Nationals04:34.61c4
1600m Run04/21/2007Viking Invitational04:35.47
1600m Run01/22/2008Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:37.043
1600m Run01/12/2008Montgomery Invitational04:38.1615
1600m Run04/08/2008NW, WM @ Whitman04:39.151
1600m Run02/06/20084A West Regional04:49.23
1600m Run03/28/2007Poolesville at Whitman04:50.71
1600m Run04/21/2009Whitman @ Wootton04:57.31
2.5 Mile XC10/11/2008Manhattan Invitational12:39.335
2.5 Mile XC10/10/2009Manhattan Invitational12:59.905
2.5 Mile XC10/13/2007Manhattan Invitational13:08.710
2000m Steeple04/10/2010Woodward Relays06:21.451
3 Mile XC11/08/2008Maryland State Championship16:232
3 Mile XC11/10/20074A State Championship16:361
3 Mile XC11/14/2009MD State Championship16:481
3 Mile XC11/11/20064A Maryland State Championship17:04.88
3000m Run06/18/2009Nike Outdoor Nationals08:59.554
3200m Run06/12/2010Midwest Distance Gala09:11.6411
3200m Run06/13/2009Midwest Distance Gala09:18.88c10
3200m Run05/28/20104A State Championship09:19.541
3200m Run02/27/2010Mid-Atlantic Track Classic09:20.47c2
3200m Run03/12/2010NSIC09:22.07c11
3200m Run05/23/2009MD State Championship09:22.752
3200m Run05/12/2010MoCo Championship09:28.721
3200m Run05/19/20104A West Region09:29.761
3200m Run04/18/2009Viking Invitational09:31.661
3200m Run05/24/2008MD State Championship09:37.316
3200m Run05/14/20084A West Regional09:37.643
3200m Run05/13/20094A West Regional09:38.942
3200m Run02/17/20094A State Championship09:40.702
3200m Run05/25/2007State Championship Day 209:51.17
3200m Run05/16/20074A West Regional09:52.33
3200m Run02/11/20094A West Regional09:52.542
3200m Run04/14/2007Knight Time Invitational09:55.02
3200m Run04/21/2007Viking Invitational10:06.06
3200m Run04/08/2008NW, WM @ Whitman10:23.701
3200m Run04/11/2007Gburg NW at Whitman10:28.52
3200m Run04/21/2009Whitman @ Wootton10:46.51
3200m Run03/25/2009Blake @ Whitman11:02.711
5000m Track06/17/2010NB Outdoor Nationals14:49.975
5000m XC11/29/2008NXN Southeast Region15:165
5000m XC11/28/2009NXN Southeast Regional15:21.503
5000m XC10/03/2008Paul Short Run15:252
5000m XC10/18/2008Montgomery Co. Championship15:27.692
5000m XC10/03/2009Great American XC Festival15:401
5000m XC10/24/2009MoCo XC Championship15:431
5000m XC12/05/2009Nike Cross Nationals15:46.230
5000m XC09/20/2008Oatlands Invitational15:524
5000m XC11/05/20094A West Regional16:041
5000m XC10/20/2007MoCo Championship16:05.082
5000m XC12/06/2008Nike Cross Nationals16:18.684
5000m XC10/21/2006MoCo XC Championship16:27.29
5000m XC10/30/20084A West Regional16:30.632
5000m XC11/24/2007Footlocker NE Boys16:38.972
5000m XC09/10/2008QO and WJ at Whitman16:411
5000m XC09/30/2006Oatlands Invitational16:44.99
5000m XC11/02/20064A West Regional16:51.04
5000m XC11/01/20074A West Regional16:51.52
5000m XC09/29/2007Oatlands Invitational Boys16:53.9124
5000m XC11/17/2007Battle of the Potomac16:576
5000m XC09/19/2006Sherwood @ Whitman16:575
5000m XC09/08/2007Peter Geraghty Invitational17:03.357
5000m XC10/01/2008Whitman at B-CC17:071
5000m XC09/26/2006RM Whitman @ QO17:15.44
5000m XC09/15/2009Whitman at Churchill17:16.301
5000m XC11/18/2006Battle of the Potomac17:1913
5000m XC09/09/2006Peter Geraghty Invitational17:19.510
5000m XC09/19/2007NW, WJ, Church @ Whit17:202
5000m XC10/10/2006Northwest @ Whitman17:262
5000m XC09/25/2007RM, Sher, Whit @ NW17:41.241
5000m XC09/13/2006Whitman @ WJ17:455
8000m XC02/13/2010Junior Cross Country Nationals25:4522
800m Run04/17/2010Viking Invitational02:00.7910
800m Run01/26/2009Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:01.735
800m Run05/08/2008Montgomery Co. Championship02:02.0911
800m Run02/11/20094A West Regional02:03.877
800m Run04/27/2010Blake, WJ @ Whitman02:05.303
800m Run04/18/2007RM Whitman at QO02:05.83
800m Run05/14/20084A West Regional02:05.8614
800m Run02/06/20084A West Regional02:10.77
Burrito Mile02/24/2007Burrito Mile7:311
Mile Run05/22/2010Danbury Dream Invitational04:17.06
Mile Run01/10/2009Montgomery Invitational04:23.005
Mile Run06/14/2007Nike Outdoor Nationals04:27.141
Mile Run01/25/2008Virginia Tech Invitational04:31.6311
Mile Run03/11/2007Nike Indoor Nationals04:36.214
Mile Run03/13/2009Nike Indoor Nationals04:36.2235
Two Mile Run06/12/2010Midwest Distance Gala09:14.9111
Two Mile Run06/13/2009Midwest Distance Gala09:22.1410
Two Mile Run02/27/2010Mid-Atlantic Track Classic09:23.742
Two Mile Run03/12/2010NSIC09:25.3411
Two Mile Run06/18/2009Nike Outdoor Nationals09:32.987
Individual Titles
IT 2007All AmericanFreshman Mile
OT 2007Nike NationalFreshman Mile
OT 2009Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 2010Montgomery County3200m Run
OT 20104A West Region3200m Run
OT 20104A State3200m Run
OT 2010All American5000m Track
XC 2006Footlocker NE Freshman5000m XC
XC 20074A State3 Mile XC
XC 2009Montgomery County5000m XC
XC 20094A West Region5000m XC
XC 20094A State3 Mile XC
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