Garrett Suhr
Richard Montgomery
Class of 2020 (Update)
800m Run06/01/2019DMV Meet of the Elite01:54.351
1600m Run03/26/2019RM at Wootton04:36.021
Mile Run03/12/2017NB Indoor Nationals04:26.501
1600m Run03/12/2017NB Indoor Nationals04:24.96c1
1600m Run03/23/2019BCC, WW at RM04:41.71
3 Mile XC09/10/2019Clarksburg at R. Montgomery 17:12.001
3 Mile XC09/07/2019Interstate Classic15:53.81
5000m XC09/26/2017Einstein and RM at WJ16:191
1600m Run06/09/2019DMV Meet of Champions04:13.901
3200m Run03/23/2019BCC, WW at RM10:11.01
1600m Run02/20/20184A State Championship04:21.471
5000m XC11/25/2017NXN Southeast Regional15:34.61
3200m Run12/26/2017MCPS Meet #309:38.501
800m Run02/08/20184A West Regional02:03.121
1600m Run01/06/2018Kevin Dare Invitational04:21.43c1
Mile Run01/06/2018Kevin Dare Invitational04:22.951
1600m Run01/30/2018Montgomery Co. Championship04:26.651
1600m Run04/09/2019Churchill at RM04:34.001
1600m Run05/16/20194A West Regional04:26.781
800m Run05/16/20194A West Regional01:55.831
5000m XC10/31/20194A West Regional16:48.421
800m Run05/08/2019Montgomery Co. Championship01:55.021
5000m XC10/19/2019Montgomery Co. Championship15:351
5000m XC10/01/2019R. Montgomery at Poolesville 18:17.971
1600m Run05/04/2019Katie Jenkins Invitational04:21.111
5000m XC09/24/2019Blair, RM at Churchill 16:30.251
1600m Run04/13/2019Viking Invitational04:17.981
3200m Run03/26/2019RM at Wootton10:21.41
800m Run04/09/2019Churchill at RM01:56.901
1600m Run04/03/2019WJ at R. Montgomery04:46.01
800m Run04/03/2019WJ at R. Montgomery02:02.61
1600m Run01/18/2017Montgomery Co. TF Championship04:25.911
Mile Run03/30/2019Cougar Relays04:27.81
1600m Run03/30/2019Cougar Relays04:26.3c1
800m Run02/20/20184A State Championship01:58.092
1600m Run05/25/20194A State Championship04:15.242
1600m Run12/17/2018MC-AA-BCo Meet #204:27.662
800m Run01/06/2018Kevin Dare Invitational01:56.602
Mile Run01/13/2018Montgomery Invitational04:21.812
800m Run01/18/2017Montgomery Co. TF Championship01:58.692
800m Run02/09/20174A West Regional01:58.322
1600m Run02/09/20174A West Regional04:24.092
1600m Run12/27/2016MCPS Meet #304:34.732
1600m Run02/21/20174A State Championship04:28.652
5000m XC09/14/2019Oatlands Invitational16:112
5000m XC09/09/2017Track and Trail Invitaitonal15:53.62
5000m XC11/02/20174A West Regional16:40.002
1600m Run01/13/2018Montgomery Invitational04:20.30c2
1600m Run03/09/2018NB Indoor Nationals04:18.41c3
3 Mile XC09/13/2016Quince Orchard at RM17:333
Mile Run03/09/2018NB Indoor Nationals04:19.913
800m Run05/25/20194A State Championship01:56.473
800m Run12/27/2016MCPS Meet #302:02.583
1600m Run02/08/20184A West Regional04:40.373
800m Run01/30/2018Montgomery Co. Championship01:58.123
1600m Run01/28/2017Virginia Tech Invitational04:23.253
800m Run01/14/2017Montgomery Invitational01:59.623
5000m XC09/20/2016Walter Johnson RM at B-CC17:25.44
3 Mile XC11/11/20174A State Championship16:11.724
5000m XC11/03/20164A West Regional16:29.385
3 Mile XC11/09/20194A State Championship15:54.955
3 Mile XC09/02/2017Interstate Classic16:16.15
5000m XC10/21/2017Montgomery Co. Championship15:43.106
800m Run02/21/20174A State Championship02:02.037
5000m XC11/01/20184A West Regional17:33.698
3 Mile XC09/17/2019NW, Churchill at RM16:54.009
Mile Run06/15/2019New Balance Outdoor Nationals04:17.2310
5000m XC09/10/2016Track and Trail Invitational17:47.810
5000m XC10/09/2018WJ, Whitman at RM17:28.0010
5000m XC10/22/2016Montgomery Co. Championship16:35.0211
5000m XC09/16/2017Oatlands Invitational16:2812
5000m XC09/06/2017Poolesville, Paint Branch at RM18:4213
3 Mile XC11/12/2016Maryland State Championship16:47.7813
3 Mile XC09/03/2016Interstate Classic17:40.014
5000m XC10/27/2018Montgomery Co. Championship16:5715
5000m XC09/13/2017PB, RM at QO20:48.2016
3 Mile XC10/13/2018Frank Keyser Invitational16:14.817
5000m XC10/05/2019Great American XC Fest15:16.017
5000m XC11/30/2019NXN Southeast Region15:37.622
5000m XC10/08/2016Glory Days Invitational16:5826
3 Mile XC11/10/2018Maryland State Championship17:07.5436
5000m XC11/26/2016NXN Southeast Regional16:17.868
5000m XC09/17/2016Oatlands Invitational17:3979
5000m XC10/07/2017Great American XC Fest16:28.484
Individual Titles
IT 2017Montgomery County1600m Run
IT 2017New Balance NationalFreshman Mile
IT 2018Montgomery County1600m Run
IT 20184A West Region800m Run
IT 20184A State1600m Run
OT 2019Montgomery County800m Run
OT 20194A West Region1600m Run
OT 20194A West Region800m Run
XC 2019Montgomery County5000m XC
XC 20194A West Region5000m XC
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